Mexican vitamin T is the worst food in the world: tamale, tripe taco and Cuban cake are on the list

They did 1, 2, 3 but not in a good way. Three Mexican street foods entered the list of the worst in the world, occupying places 10, 11 and 12 in a list made by Taste Atlas.

“Tripas or machitos is a Mexican dish consisting of the intestines of a pig or cow. It is used as a filling for tacos, so they can be found in taco stands or open-air markets called tianguis”, says the description of the website specialized in world gastronomy and that currently has one of the most complete databases of dishes in the world.

“The preparation of the casings requires great knowledge because they should not be overcooked or undercooked, as that makes them difficult to chew,” he says regarding the casings, which rank 12th.

In that list, number 1, that is, the least recommended food, is for the roasted lamb’s head that is prepared in Turkey.

In 11th place is the Cuban cake, which he describes as a “sandwich filled with meat and sauces, it is a meal that changes from place to place.”

Next comes the tamale cake: “Tamal cake or guajolota is a popular Mexican street food that is usually eaten for breakfast, it consists of a bolillo (or telera bread) stuffed with a tamale,” describes the site in the listing in which by the way the tripe tacos also appear.

The description also indicates that although the origin of the tamale cake is uncertain, it is in Mexico City where it is most consumed.

One of the reasons why Taste Atlas considers that the tamale cake is not a good idea, especially because to accompany this “carbohydrate-packed sandwich” what it uses is more carbohydrates in the form of atole, which is “a drink made with corn based.