Mexicans in Qatar organized through WhatsApp to receive the Tri

(Photo: Instagram/myselection)

An hour before the Mexican team football will arrive at Doha for participation in the World Cup Qatar 2022 there was hardly a fan waiting for Gerardo “Tata” Martino’s team; however, the Mexican community residing in the Middle Eastern country took action and therefore instant messaging got organized to be in minutes at the concentration hotel.

This was revealed for ESPN Jaciel, an engineer who has been in Qatar for eight years and who avoided a cold arrival from the Aztec squad.

“We saw on social networks that there were few fans waiting for the Mexican National Team and we agreed on WhatsApp, we have a group of all of us who live in Qatar and we have been waiting for this moment for eight years. We couldn’t leave our team alone.”

According to data from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE), there are about 600 compatriots living in the World Cup country, many of them dedicated to aeronautics.

(Photo: Omar Flores/ESPN)
(Photo: Omar Flores/ESPN)

Thus, in minutes they agreed and arrived in a caravan of more than ten cars, minutes before the El Tri bus arrived.

“I am very excited, the country has been preparing for many years. We are happy, it is something that we had not experienced. I have been following him for a long time, we have a WhatsApp group, in which most of those of us who came and found out that he was coming here are, we ran away,” said Carlos, another engineer who has lived in Qatar for a few months.

In the next few hours, it is expected that at least 60,000 nationals will arrive in those lands to encourage the team, which since 1994 has managed to overcome the first phase, although they have remained in the round of 16.

“It is a pride to have our team in Qatar. From voice to voice we found out, thanks to the embassy, ​​because there was a fan and Mexico needs support”, narrated Ingrid Barrera, who has been in Qatar for seven years and attended the welcome.

Marino’s team will stay in a luxurious hotel that is 50 kilometers from the center of Doha.

Why the Mexicans will invade Qatar even if they don’t win

Despite the economic crisis and the bad moment that the National Team is experiencing, at least 60 thousand Mexican fans prepare their suitcases to fly more than 13,800 kilometers until they reach Qatar and cheer on your team during the world Cupaccording to data from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE).

And it is that in the last seven World Cups (from the United States 1994 and to Russia 2018) green shirts, straw hats and tricolor painted faces have flooded the streets of the venues where the Aztec squad plays, being one of the largest fansalthough this great support has not been a factor in overcoming the round of 16

For Ricardo Trujillo Correaacademic at the Faculty of Psychology of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), this phenomenon has to do with the IDbecause for these fans the most important thing is not the result on the field or the expense that attending the stadium represents, but the emotion of accompanying their National Team. This was explained in an article published in the UNAM Gazette: