Mía Rubín surprises with her interpretation of the National Anthem in the NBA… but she is not free from criticism

Mía Rubín joins the long list of celebrities who sing the National Anthem at some public event.


Mia Rubin and the NBA became the main topics of conversation for Internet users this weekend. On the one hand, basketball fans celebrated the return of the League to Mexico with a series of games; On the other hand, Andrea Legarreta’s daughter surprised by singing the National Anthem without errors

The return of the NBA to Mexico meant a great opportunity for Mexican fans of this sportwho were able to see the great basketball stars live, and of course the celebrities did not take long to join this celebration, especially Andrea Legarreta, who was happy for a very special reason.

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And it is that Mia Rubindaughter of the driver, He joined the long list of celebrities who sing the National Anthem at some public eventsince she received the honors prior to the Capitanes CDMX game against Osceola Magic. Despite the nerves, the young woman achieved an impeccable performance… Even so, Internet users did not overlook other details that generated all kinds of criticism.


Andrea Legarreta posted a video of his daughter singing the National Anthem with a tender message in which he expressed his pride in the young woman’s achievements.

“Absolute pride to see you and hear you sing the National Anthem of our country at the invitation of the NBA!!! Well-deserved invitation and well-deserved applause from the public, beautiful love!! Impeccable interpretation!! You are big!! What a great event!! We have enjoyed it so much!! May more dreams come true princess!! Proud of you!! Always with you love!! We love you infinitely,” wrote the host.

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HoweverAndrea Legarreta should have limited the comments on her post because, although Mía Rubín did not have a single mistake when singing the National Anthem, Internet users did not hesitate to criticize everything from the outfit to the young woman’s hand movements.


On social networks, congratulatory comments abounded Mia Rubinbut there was also a lot of criticism, as some Instagram users considered that His hand movements were out of place.while others thought that The young woman was not dressed appropriately for the occasion.

For example, in the video published by TVyNovelas you can read opinions such as: “You should not make gestures or movements with your hands, it is an anthem, not a song,” “Those clothes were not appropriate”, “Perfect! and there will be no shortage of those who look for her and find something ‘wrong’ with the intonation of the national anthem”, “No doubt she knows what she means to sing” and “Congratulations, she did very well, At least he was not wrong and that is appreciated because they demonstrate professionalism.”

Until nowneither Mía Rubín nor her parents have responded to the criticism. The only thing Andrea Legarreta did was delete the comments on his post to avoid further attacks.