Mía Rubín, upset that they say that Nina is not Erik’s daughter: “It’s ridiculous”

The singer defends her sister and assures that she is a very strong young woman

Although Mia Rubin He does not plan to talk about Anette Cuburu, he recognizes that the host has done a lot of damage to his family, as a result of the statements he has made against his mother, Andrea Legarretaand calls “ridiculous” the versions that indicate that his younger sister, Little girlis the biological daughter of one of the Televisa executives and not of her father Erik Rubín, ensuring that, as a family, the Rubín Legarretas know their history and their truth, which will not change no matter how much people continue talking about them.

The enmity between Andrea and Anette is already affecting third parties, because after the former host of “Venga la Joy” suggested that Legarreta has had an extramarital relationship with a high-ranking member of Televisa, a rumor was unleashed on social networks that Nina was not She was not Erik’s daughter, but rather the driver’s alleged lover.

Following this version, both Erik and Andrea came out to speak, not to deny the controversy, but to laugh at it, since the resemblance between Nina and her father is such that even Legarreta joked with the idea that the one they would have He had to do a DNA test to check if she was the young woman’s biological mother, it would be her and not him.

But, now, it is Mía, the first-born of the Rubín Legarretas, who talks about the rumors that have involved her sister’s name, appearing visibly upset, because it does not seem fair to her that they talk about a minor and put into question doubts the honorability of his family.

«The saddest thing is that a minor girl is being involved, who has nothing to do with what this lady is saying, it even seems disrespectful to me that the media brings this news, because it is disrespectful. “I did my sister and my mother, I did my family,” he told Berenice Ortiz.

Mía, who was present at the SACM Composer’s Day celebrations, described as ridiculous the statements about Nina not being her father’s daughter, which is why she highlighted that the people who encourage this rumor are falling very low, because they The only thing they seek is to harm a family that has stood out for staying together, despite adversity.

“It’s ridiculous, guys, and I think that messing with a girl is very low,” he said.

However, he assured that at 17 years old, Nina is a very confident young woman with the necessary strength to face situations like the one she is going through.

«My little sister, thank God, has all the strength not to care, she is a super strong girl, obviously my sister does not care because she knows the reality, we know the reality of our family and we are completely happy with that, even “We are dying of laughter, because it is ridiculous,” he said.

Furthermore, he refused to talk about Cuburu, as he stressed that he is not a person who is carried away by hatred or resentment, which is why he preferred not to make any comments regarding the TV presenter.

«I’m not going to make a comment about her, I have no comments for her, I’m going to stay silent about that, because I don’t want to throw hate at her either because I’m not a person like that, but obviously she has done a lot of damage to my family, she has It has been very sad how people have expressed themselves as a result of that without evidence and, as my father also said: ‘There is evidence, ok… then show it,’ he deepened.