Miami: 10 restaurants to enjoy the best meats

Miami is a great place to enjoy a good steak. (Shutterstock)

At some of the best wagyu and grill restaurants in Miami you will find cuts more expensive than the monthly payment of a luxury car and they will attend you headwaiters dressed in Italian suits. But South Florida also has affordable steakhouses, where all the magic is simply about the cut.

Among the establishments where you can taste exquisite meat, these stand out not only for being chic and striking, but also for offering the best cuts.

1.Smith & Wollensky

Exterior view of Smith & Wollensky by the sea in South Beach.
South Beach’s Smith & Wollensky restaurant will make you forget there’s more than one. (Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau)

From time to time a chain of restaurants appears that makes you forget that there is more than one. How could such a great place be replicated elsewhere? The Smith & Wollensky of South Beach it’s an example. It has ocean views and an outdoor bar where you can have a perfect martini while watching the boats.

Where: 1 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139, (305) 673-2800

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2. Baires Grill

Baires Grill - Miami News
Baires Grill is a reference place for Argentine specialties. (Baires Grill)

A casual dining experience with affordable food and friendly service, Baires Grill has been a go-to for Argentine specialties in Miami for more than two decades. It is always a pleasant experience to eat their generous flank steak, their surprising meat salads or their tasty mashed potatoes. The best to accompany this feast? Malbecof course.

Where: 1010 S Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33130, (786) 580-4923

3. The Fires by Francis Mallmann

Interior of Los Fuegos restaurant in Miami Beach.
Fire played an important role in Mallmann’s childhood, and memories of that time define him and his cooking techniques. (Faena Hotel)

The renowned chef Francis Mallman He is an expert in cooking on fire. His restaurant inside the Hotel Faena offers one of the best Argentinian experiences in the city, elevated by a cinematic atmosphere. The food is superbly simple. The meat comes garnished with little more than a touch of chimichurri; companions receive only a drizzle of olive oil. Simpler is often better, and in this case, the rule is superlatively met. The sommelier will help you navigate the excellent wine list.

Where: 3201 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33140, (786) 655-5600

4. Graziano’s

Asado at Graziano's Argentinian restaurant in Coral Gables.
Graziano’s presents a wide variety of meat cuts in the best Argentine style. (Graziano’s)

With various locations throughout Miami, this steakhouse presents a wide variety of cuts in the best Argentine style. You can also find popular dishes such as barbecue and empanadas and a wide variety of wines.

Where: 394 Giralda Ave, Coral Gables, FL 33134, (305) 774-3599

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5. Nineteenth (Key Biscayne)

Nineteenth Century Key Biscayne - Miami News
Novecento’s kitchen is a carnivore’s dream come true. (nine hundred)

The cuisine of this restaurant is a refined coexistence of Argentinean and Mediterranean dishes, highlighted by French techniques and a deep attention to presentation. The kitchen is not a fusion; rather, each style exists separately and is a true reflection of its heritage. You will have to try your Creole chopped, a tasting plate of four different types of meats. It’s a carnivore’s dream come true.

Where: 620 Crandon Blvd, Key Biscayne, FL 33149, (305) 362-0900

6. COTE Miami

COTE Miami cuts of meat.
COTE is a must for lovers of red meat. (COTE)

An elegant Korean grill where, in addition to cocktails, exquisite cuts of meat and vegetables are offered to be grilled at the table. This is a must for lovers of red meat. You can enjoy everything from popular dishes like the butcher’s feast to the glamorous omakase steak.

Where: 3900 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33137 – (305) 434-4668

7.LT Steak & Seafood

Chef Laurent Tourondel, who created LT Steak & Seafor for the Betsy Hotel in South Beach.
LT Steak & Seafood features famed chef Laurent Tourondel’s renowned grill. (The Betsy Hotel)

The restaurant features the renowned celebrity chef’s grill Laurent Tourondel. It is also distinguished by its clean cuts and the varied selection of its meats. You can order a top quality Black Angus steak, with a sauce to accompany the meat.

Where: 1440 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139, (305) 673-0044

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Interior of the Argentinian restaurant Bunbury, in Miami
Bunbury’s weekend brunch is excellent. (Bunbury)

bunbury It covers all the bases for an Argentinian experience that won’t disappoint: a wall of more than 100 wines, hearty empanadas, and entrees of grilled vacuum meat and Malbec-braised short rib. The weekend brunch is great for options as varied as steak and eggs or cappuccino with dulce de leche.

Where: 55 NE 14th St, Miami, FL 33132, (305) 333-6929

9.RED South Beach

Seasoned meat from RED South Beach in Miami.
At RED South Beach the menu is complemented by excellent drinks and wines. (RED South Beach)

This rrestaurant of South Beach is known for serving its steaks with impressive sides. You can be sure that everything on your plate, from the sauces to the garnishes, is made from scratch. The menu is complemented by the delicious drinks and wines offered by the bar.

Where: 801 South Pointe Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139, (305) 534-3688

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10. STK Steakhouse

Interior of the STK Steakhouse restaurant, in Miami.
STK Steakhouse is a constant astonishment to the palate. (STK Steakhouse)

In this place, part steakhouse, part clubstaurant, you can find a steak covered with king crab or one with truffle butter. It is a constant amazement for the palate. The meats are top quality and the cocktails are handmade.

Where: 2305 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139, (305) 604-6988


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