Michael J. Fox talks about the progression of Parkinson’s

The actor Michael J. Fox says that Parkinson’s has progressed and made a strong reflection on his death, as he assures that he does not have much time to live.

In the nineties, the actor was at the height of his artistic career after his participation in the ‘Back to the Future’ trilogy; he had just released the third installment of this saga and was enjoying great success, which was slowed down because he began to present the first symptoms of Parkinson’s.

At that time, the actor was only 29 years old, but the severity of the disease began to increase and in 2020 he decided to retire forever from acting. Two years later, he was seen again before the cameras, as Michael J. Fox had an emblematic meeting with Christopher Lloyd, a fact that caused great furor, as the two starred in a Hollywood classic, ‘Back to the Future’.

Since then, the famous has pointed out that it has not been an easy battle. Along the same lines, he had a recent interview with Jane Pauley in which he talked about how his disease has been progressing and that his symptoms are becoming more noticeable.

He even confessed that it has gotten much worse and, taking into account the mortality rate, he talked about how much time he has left to live. “You don’t die of Parkinson’s. You die with Parkinson’s,” the 61-year-old Canadian began.

And after that, he recognized how much time he has left to live, according to his estimates and what he knows about the disease, well let’s remember that he has his own foundation in which he works with specialists to create medicines that control the disease. “I’m not going to make it to 80 years old,” he confessed.