Michelle Renaud and what we know so far about Juan Osorio’s new telenovela

After overcoming COVID-19, Juan Osorio He is unstoppable and is already preparing his new telenovela, which until now is called ‘La Herencia’.

A few days ago he confirmed that Michelle Renaud is the protagonist of this story based on a classic novel of Chilean origin.

The producer reported the name of the main actress to the press, and after hearing it, Michelle could not help showing her emotion: “How beautiful I felt! (…) Thank you for letting me play where I have the most fun,” he wrote.

On December 6, recordings begin, and according to Maxine Woodside, other names that make up the cast are Matías Novoa, Elizabeth Álvarez and Sergio Basañez.

Through his social networks, Juan Osorio’s production confirmed that Tonatico is the place chosen for the locations of the story.

Of course, since September we know that Juan Osorio’s girlfriend, Eva Daniela, will not participate in the melodrama so that the nature of their relationship, which in fact, is going from strength to strength, is not misunderstood. The producer confirmed this week that they are planning a wedding in 2022.