Michelle Rodríguez and Manu NNa: Where to see ‘Enamoradizas’, the comedy special that unites the half-brothers

Michelle Rodríguez and Manu NNa have shared credits in several projects

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Michelle Rodríguez has a comedy special with Manu NNa, who few know is her half brother, but their chemistry unites them more than blood

Michelle Rodriguezwho is one of the most beloved actresses in Mexican theater, film and television, has a comedy specialin which he shares credits with Manu NNa. The half brothers worked together on the project of ‘fall in love’which is available at Amazon Prime Video.

Produced by Michelle Rodríguez, Manu NNa and Felipe Pérez, ‘Enamoradizas’ seeks to entertain viewers for 92 minutes. In addition, the singer and Manu NNa, better known as “La Diva del Stand up”, are the stars of this project.

The comedy special delves into the story of two teenage hearts in the bodies of two thirty-somethings dealing with love affairs, romantic dates, the gym and diets.

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Michelle Rodríguez and Manu NNa: How is your relationship?

Michelle Rodríguez and Manu NNa have a great relationshipand this was demonstrated when the comedian participated in the reality show ‘Bake Off Mexico’, a pastry contest from which he emerged victorious and his sister was in the grand finale to support him.

In an interview with Yordi Rosado, Michelle Rodríguez pointed out that she gets along great with her half-brother, because they also have many things in common, and shared that she also has another half-brother.

“My parents separated and I went to live with my grandparents. Some time later, my mother marries the same as my father … Each one has her partner and each one has a child, who are my brothers, but I am the only one of my parents, ”said the actress.

Finally, Michelle Rodriguez and Manu Nna they share a taste for comedy and both have an excellent sense of humor. In addition to the talent that has led them to set foot on different stages of the country, they have a chemistry that unites them more than blood.

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