Michelle Rodríguez opens up about her weight loss: “There is no magic remedy”

Michelle Rodríguez opens up about her new image


Michelle Rodríguez opens up about her weight loss and although there is no magic remedy, she talks about the process she is working on

After the physical change of Michelle Rodriguezthe actress He opened up about his weight loss. “I am going through a process that I am just working on, so when I am ready and settled, I will surely tell you,” declared the actress in a recent meeting with the press.

Let us remember that a few days ago a rumor circulated that the comedian had also undergone surgery to lose weight, but “The important thing is to learn to take care of our health. Let the people who require it come forward with physical and mental health professionals to build. It’s not just a diet, surgery, exercise or therapy“I think they are a matter for each person,” said the singer.

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Furthermore, “a there is no magic remedy“I’m going to tell you that, because there is a lot of work behind, so let’s embrace that, and (know) that it is gradual, every day,” explained the interpreter of “Toña” in the series ’40 y 20′.

“Different alternatives are taken, different paths, and as I always say: I am building myself every day to be a renewed versionwhich does not have to do with better or worse, with good or bad, but with having a better time with myself,” Michelle concluded.

Michelle Rodríguez impresses with her physical transformation

Earlier this month, Michelle Rodríguez reappeared with a notable physical change, which stirred up social networks and provoked hundreds of positive comments for the beloved actress. At 39 years old, Michelle showed off a series of photos from Cancun, where she enjoyed the beach with a black bikiniwhich highlighted the results he achieved when losing weight.

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“They say that the sea heals, well today I thanked him and asked him for all those who have held my hand when my smile has escaped, for those who have listened to me for hours talking about the same thing, have dried my tears and have held strong my hand in step. I thanked him for the peace and love I feel. “I am very lucky,” the standup singer also wrote at the bottom of her publication.

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Michelle Rodríguez shows off a new image and reveals the reason why she lost weight

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