Michelle Rubalcava strikes down Gustavo and launches a petition to be fired from Imagen TV

Gustavo Adolfo Infante’s live lawsuit against Ana María Alvarado and Joanna Vega-Biestro in ‘Sale el sol’ generated a wave of criticism from his former partner Michelle Rubalcava, who has called the presenter “chillona”, “closetera” and some other adjectives .

Gustavo has already responded to Michelle, and assured on his YouTube channel: “He says that I fired him… If I told them why he left, because of the drunkenness he gets and why he starts throwing the wave at the executives of this company. That’s the truth, he gets drunk and throws the wave to whom it does not owe, to the gentlemen, to the executives, that is the truth of Michelle Ruvalcaba’s drunk “.

So Michelle posted on Twitter:

He also shared the video where they talk about him, and wrote: “Already baby, accept it, you love me”.

Another of Michelle’s messages against Gustavo was: “That guy’s problem is that he hates women so much BECAUSE HE ALWAYS WANTED TO BE ONE, that’s the truth, all my support for @vegabiestro @anamaalvarado, watch out @ImagenTVMex.”

Later, Michelle wrote: “Deep down I feel sorry for him! He has taken the bread from our mouths because of his repression, frustration and little talent that he does not know everything that his life is going to charge him and from the heart he does not I wish nothing bad but no way KARMA IS KARMA”.

A petition arose for Gustavo to be fired from Imagen TV.

The actress Laura Zapata, Michelle Rubalcava, among others, have shared on social networks the petition that is open on the Change.org platform to request that Gustavo Adolfo Infante be fired from the Imagen Televisión network.

The person Eloina del Río initiated the petition addressed to Olegario Vázquez Aldir (Director) to “raise his voice and request the dismissal of Gustavo Adolfo Infante from the Imagen Tv programs, since during his collaborations this driver has given countless signs of machismo, misogyny, homophobia, racism and discrimination And when he disagrees with his opinions, he attacks his fellow journalists with all kinds of rudeness, threatening them, his mother lies to them and the unthinkable: EVEN THE MOTHER HAS MENTIONED US TO THE SAME PUBLIC THAT WE FOLLOW HIM! Is this the promise by Imagen Tv to provide us with a new television? Does this person show enough professionalism to occupy that space? Is this the television that we deserve?

“WE CANNOT, NOR SHOULD we end up normalizing verbal violence in this way, which this host flaunts without showing the slightest respect and gratitude towards those who see it. Because although we are clear that we are talking about show programs, it is also true that as a communicator, this man has the power to enter millions of homes daily and he is doing it with total irresponsibility. He feels immovable, to the point that he does not care in the least about taking care of his image in other media – where he shows despicable attitudes- and it is impossible to continue watching his programs when discovering such low quality as a human being. It is enough to search on YouTube: “Gustavo Adolfo insults a” to see his most recent attacks. Who is going to want to sit down and enjoy some TV to watch to such a character? Gustavo Adolfo Infante, with us, the public, threats are not going to work for you. We are tired of your aggressiveness and of seeing you exceed all permissible limits. it is. We put you where you are AND WE ARE WHO ASKED FOR YOUR EXIT “.

The goal is 7,500 signatures, which are about to be exceeded.

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