Michelle Salas answers if Luis Miguel will attend her wedding and if he will take her to the altar

  • The model got engaged a few weeks ago with Danilo Díaz

One month ago Michelle Salas announced her commitment to Danilo Díaz after it was speculated that several weeks ago he had received the ring. After spreading the good news many they wonder if their father, Luis Miguel, will attend the wedding ceremony.

Michelle Salas recently had a meeting with various media that asked her about her wedding plans with Danilo Díaz and as expected one of the questions that arose was whether Luis Miguel is invited.

Another issue that the model clarified is If you have thought about the possibility that your father will deliver you at the altarwhich would undoubtedly be one of the most special moments at the wedding.

Regarding the details about the expected day, Michelle Salas did not give many details, although she assured that she is very busy preparing her wedding and solving work issues.

Weeks ago in a conference by Jorge Lozano HAracely Arámbula said that she had already surpassed the cockroach king and although he did not say a name, many assured that it was a hint for Luis Miguel.

Regarding this controversial comment, the reporters asked Michelle Salas her opinion on what the actress said.