Michelle Salas is captured at her father Luis Miguel’s concert in Las Vegas

Michelle Salas has made peace with her father again.

Michelle Salas was accompanied by her boyfriend, Danilo Díaz, and her uncle, Alejandro Basteri, at her father’s concert, Luis Miguel.

Some days ago, Luis Miguel was seen very much in love with his girlfriend Paloma Cuevas arriving in Las Vegasto begin the series of three concerts that he will give at the ‘Sin City’.

The last:

It's raining boos and jeers at-Yahritza-and-her-Essence-in-the-Zócalo-of-CDMX.jpg


Boos and boos rain down on Yahritza and her Essence in the Zócalo of CDMX

” href=”https://www.tvynovelas.com/noticias/ovidio-guzman-hijo-del-chapo-es-extraditado-a-estados-unidos” >

Ovidio-Guzmán-son-of-Chapo-Guzmán-is-extradited-to-United States.jpg


Ovidio Guzmán, son of Chapo, is extradited to the United States

Luis Miguel returned to Las Vegas to offer his first concert this September 15 and give the Cry of Independenceafter four years of not appearing in the so-called ‘Entertainment Capital of the World’.

Michelle Salas was caught in the front row enjoying her father’s concertso everything seems to indicate that they have returned to settle their differences and possibly ‘Sun’ will be present at her wedding with the Venezuelan businessman Danilo Díaz Granados.

The model did not publish anything on her networks about this emotional moment she experienced, but images have circulated on the networks since Michelle’s arrival at the place and during her father’s concert.

Who also attended Micky’s show was Jacky Bracamontes with her husband, Martín Fuentesand so he shared it on his networks.

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Michelle Salas attended her father’s concert, Luis Miguelaccompanied by her fiancé Danilo Díaz and her uncle Alejandro Basteri ‘Picha’, who was with Mariana OteroHis couple.


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