Michelle Yeoh won her first Golden Globe, they tried to cut her speech

‘Everything Everywhere at the Same Time’ tells the story of Evelyn Wang, “a Chinese immigrant who finds herself involved in an adventure in which only she can save the world by exploring other universes.”

The best moments at the big awards shows are usually when the winners of the biggest categories are announced, such as Best Actor, Actress or Movie.

However, there are others who steal the show by going off script, such as the case of Michelle Yeoh at the 2023 Golden Globes.

It all happened after the Malaysian-born actress was awarded the Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy Film award, thanks to her well-known role in the film ‘Everything Everywhere At The Same Time’ (Everything Everywhere All at Once). .

And it is that, while the actress was in a speech of thanks for the award, apparently it extended more than what they had planned.

In these cases, it is common to subtly warn with a song on the way out; However, the actress did not care and, in a comical way, she announced through the same microphone that she would continue on stage to finish.

“Silence, please! I can hit you, okay? And that’s serious,” the actress said in a sarcastic tone, then finished her speech in detail.

In this way, Yeoh, who perhaps did not have as many spotlights as other interpreters before the Oscar lists are released, becomes a serious candidate at the Academy Awards.