Microsoft Word: the 15 tricks you did not know and that will make you look like the most expert

Use these 20 tricks in Microsoft Word to be more productive. (photo: The Computer Group)

Undoubtedly, Microsoft Word is the most widely used text editor on most computers in the world. And it is that, the tools of Microsoft Office like PowerPoint, Outlook or Excel, they are often useful when using the Windows operating system. Of all the Office tools, Word is perhaps the most used on a day-to-day basis, but even so, not all users are fully aware of the possibilities it offers.

Whenever we use Word on the computer, the basic day-to-day functions are adding text, formatting, editing images or even inserting a table or a link to a web page, being repetitive tasks for most users.

Microsoft Word.  July 26, 2021. REUTERS / Dado Ruvic / Illustration
Microsoft Word. July 26, 2021. REUTERS / Dado Ruvic / Illustration (DADO RUVIC /)

However, there are many other features or tips in Word that you may not be familiar with that will certainly help you a lot in the process of using Microsoft Office tools. Of course, we must remember that depending on the version of Word that you have installed, some options may be available in other ways or, in the worst case, they may not even be available.

Therefore, below, we will point out 20 Microsoft Word secrets and tricks that you may not know:

1. Recover closed files without saving

Depending on the version of Microsoft Office we have, we can recover closed files without saving in any way. If we have Word 2016, when we open the tool, the unsaved documents will appear on the left side and from there we can find a way to recover them. But if we have an older version, this option will be a little more hidden.

In this case, we must go to the options menu File > Recent and look at the bottom of the screen, where we can find a link with the option to Restore documents without saving.

This will open a file explorer window on the path C: UsersUsuarioAppDataLocalMicrosoftOfficeUnsavedFiles which is the one used by Office to save documents that close unexpectedly and from where we can recover them.

2. Automatically save the Word document

There is a little Word trick that allows you to automatically backup every X minutes so you don’t have to worry about hitting the Save button all the time.

To do this, we go to the menu option File > Choices > Keep and there we check the box Save AutoRecover information, and we indicate how often we want Word to automatically save our work.

3. Delete the menu that appears when you select a text

When we select a text in Word, we automatically see how the Office tool shows us a small toolbar that provides a series of shortcuts to change the size, color, font type, size, ruler, etc. Sometimes the same thing that can help a lot can annoy many other users.

So if you want to get rid of this toolbar, you should go to File > Choices > general, later uncheck Show mini toolbar in the selection.

4. Write text vertically

Although Word documents are written in landscape format, in a certain document we may need or want to add vertical text. Well, this little Word hack makes it easy for us.

The first thing to do is go to the menu option Insert > Text box and choose one of the formats provided by Word.

Once we have the text box in our document, we type what we want and then we right click on the text box control on the keyboard to choose the shape format option, to finally change the direction of the text.

5. Change uppercase to lowercase and vice versa, capitalize or toggle uppercase and lowercase

Perhaps in some cases we ran into a situation where we needed to change all the text from uppercase to lowercase or vice versa and retype it. However, this simple word trick allows you to do it with just a few clicks.

For this we only have to select text and in the menu option Beginning, in section Source, click on the icon that shows the letter Capital A next to lowercase letter (Aa) and we select the option we need.

6. Protect a document with a password

In many cases, we certainly wanted to password protect a Word document so that no one could open and read its contents. In addition to many applications that allow you to encrypt files or add a password, from Word you can protect documents with a password.

To do this, when saving the document we go to File > Save as and in the dialog window that then opens, we show the options in Tools and we select General options. Then a window will open where we can specify the password to open and write the Word document.

7. Crop an image within Word without having to edit it with other programs

Surely more than once when inserting an image in a Word document, we have seen that the size can make the detail we want to show not good and that is why we have to edit it again to cut out a part or area of ​​the image and add it . to the document.

However, there is an option that we cannot fail to include among these Word tricks that allows us to do this without having to delete the image and without having to edit it with additional software.

For this we select the image and in Imaging tools > Format > Size, where we will find the option of cutout.

With this tool selected, we select the area of ​​the image that we want to crop and automatically see how the image within the document is replaced with an image that contains the cropped area.

8. Download all the images of a Word with a single click

To download all the images in the Word document, we can use one of the many Word tricks hidden in all the options of the Microsoft tool.

In this case, going to the menu option File > Save as, we must select the option of save as filtered web page and in format HTML.

When saving in this format, Word itself creates a folder so that we can see all the image files in the Word document.

9. Write text anywhere in the document without using text boxes

Although it is normal when we start writing in a Word document to complete line by line, the Microsoft tool also allows us to add text boxes that we can place anywhere we want. However, as we do with a blank page, among all these Word tricks, we do not want to stop saying how we can write in the place of the Word document that we want without having to give blank spaces, tab or ‘refer and don’ t add a text box.

To do this, simply do double-click on the area of ​​the document you want to write about.

10. Remove the complete formatting of a text in Word

We have probably checked the Word document more than once to phase out the formatting of certain words, phrases or paragraphs. Bold text, on the other hand, italics or font size, style and color of a text document could have taken us a long time to get rid of this format and everything to your liking.

This option can be found the following path: Beginning > Sources > Remove all formatting and simply select all text in Word document it will remove all types of text formatting with just one click.

11. Format many words at once even if they are in different parts of the Word document

As we have shown some Word tricks, the option to remove all the formatting of the document at once so that you do not have to go from one text to another or from one word to another, now we will guide you on how to format multiple words or parts of text simultaneously, even if they are in different parts of the document.

To do this, we only have to select the first word or part of the text to which we want to apply a particular format and then, holding down the Ctrl key, we select the rest of the words or the text. Once everything is selected, we apply the format and that’s it.

12. How to cut and paste several texts or images at the same time

Cut and paste are two of the most repetitive options that people use every day when using Microsoft tools. The Word Clipboard works the same as in Windows, every time we copy an item it replaces the previous one and we only have the latest copy available to paste.

But in the Word trick there is an option that allows us to cut several elements to paste them all at once. It means that we can cut some text or other elements such as images, all of which will be saved in a kind of clipboard to paste it where we want.

To store and copy we have to press Ctrl F3, while when we want to paste everything we only need press Ctrl Shift F3. Also, everything will be pasted in the exact order we cut them.

13. Move paragraphs from one place to another in the document quickly without affecting the structure of the document

The correct use of the different styles of Word not only allows us to create a table of contents in one, but also gives us the possibility of moving a complete paragraph of text without affecting the structure of the document.

For this we will have to go to the menu option Watch and in the section Views click on the option Scheme. This will show us a plan view with each segment marked with a circle, in which we can click and drag to the desired position and will move the entire segment that we have taken without affecting the structure of the document.

14. Add a background image to the Word document

All users love to make our Word documents unique and a very attractive and less visible option is to add a background image and display text on it.

To configure the image that we want as the background of the Word document, we must go to the menu option Design > Page background and in the options Watermark select option Custom watermark.

15. Repeat the last action with just one key press

Surely we have had to repeat the same action many times in a document, apply a certain format, change the Word font or something else.

Well, among the Word tricks, you cannot miss the option that allows you to repeat the last operation pressing the key F4 and it will be done automatically.


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