Miguel Bosé and his childhood in the style of Luis Miguel: he also had his Luisito Rey and his Marcela Basteri

A famous singer says that his father was unfaithful, violent, “almighty, used to his will being the law.” And he says that, on the other hand, his mother was a beautiful woman with “gestures of extreme sweetness.”

No it’s not the story of Luis Miguel but that of Miguel Bosé. The Spanish singer has just published his autobiography entitled ‘The son of captain thunder’, in which, just in the first chapter, he narrates that his father, the bullfighter Luis Miguel Dominguín he belittled his mother and mistreated her … yes, just as happened in Luis Miguel’s childhood, in which his father King Luisito had a stormy relationship with Marcela Bastieri.

The similarities between the lives of Bosé and Luis Miguel They jump in almost every line of the book, which was published by Espasa, in Spain; and Editorial Planeta, in Mexico.

We present four moments in which the Spanish and Mexican singers are partners in the same drama.

1.- The infidelities of Luis Miguel Dominguín and Luisito Rey.- “I’m not leaving here until your cousin’s lover comes out the door of my house or I shoot you.” This is how Lucía Bosé claims her husband Luis Miguel Dominguín in the country house that the family had in Villa Paz, on the way to Valencia.

A fight of identical dimensions happened between King Luisito and his wife Marcela Bastieri. When she discovers that her husband uses Luis Miguel’s concert tours to take his lover on a trip, Marcela decides to ask for a divorce.

In the narration of Miguel Bosé, the clash between her parents ends the same: “I want to divorce,” Lucia shouted, mixing Spanish with Italian, her mother tongue.

Luis Miguel Dominguín Luis Miguel and his mother, Marcela Basteri Domingo Dominguín Luisito Rey and Luis Miguel

2.- Bosé and Luis Miguel adored their mothers.– Bill Miguel Bosé that for his mother, he was “the little man of the house.” One example of his love for him is that as a child, Bosé hated that his father took his mother on a trip: “My blood boiled and I cursed my father, dying of jealousy.”

This devotion to the mother is another trait that Bosé shares with Luis Miguel, who has never overcome the disappearance of Marcela Basteri. “It’s something that hurts me and I think I’ll never be able to overcome it,” the Mexican singer repeated when asked about his mother.

Luis Miguel and his mother, Marcela Basteri Domingo Dominguín Luisito Rey and Luis Miguel

3.- The uncomfortable uncle: At a certain stage in the career of Luis Miguel, the figure of Titus It is almost as important as that of his father, although the relationship between them ended up being marked by an economic and legal dispute.

In the case of Miguel Bosé, there is also an uncle named Domingo. “Communist and political activist, the funds (that he used) came from what he managed to ‘divert’ from the money that his brother Luis Miguel earned,” is narrated in Bosé’s biography.

Domingo Dominguín Luisito Rey and Luis Miguel

The scolding: In the episode in which his parents fight, the boy Miguel Bosé He tried to defend his mother. Luis Miguel Dominguín He shook it off with an angry phrase: “And you, monkey, get out of here!”

The phrase reminds that King Luisito used to scold Luis Miguel when he disobeyed him or did not want to do what he ordered and that went viral: “Micky pussy.”

Luisito Rey and Luis Miguel