Mijares and Lucero, the wedding of the century that ended in a “compenetrated” divorce

“Today, January 18, 1997, will be an unforgettable date for you, Manuel and Lucero, because God, before you existed, always thought of you together, will be a memorable date. Throughout your life, you will have to evaluate whether this treasure has multiplied, they have enjoyed it and have been able to share it”.

This was the sermon that the then Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera sealed the wedding vows of Lucero and Mijares.

The wedding was the closest thing to a soap opera chapter: the cameras followed them at all times of the celebration, Silvia Pinal commented on the details for television, and a bunch of reporters waited outside the Colegio de las Vizcaínas to interview the guests.

“I was very nervous,” said Manuel Mijares to explain the seriousness of his face that day, which contrasted with Lucerito’s cheerful gesture.

The singer told years later that the most complicated part of the preparations was finding the right dress, which she went to look for in New York.

“I did want to look like a princess, I did say, ‘I want to be the most beautiful bride in the world’.”

The love story between the couple went back to a movie they made when Lucero was just a 19-year-old girl. It was called “Escape with me”, filmed in 1988 with Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo and in which Lucero was a young woman who longed to meet MIjares, a famous singer.

However, love took seven more years to blossom. The couple met again during the recording of “Lazos de amor”, a telenovela in which Mijares sang the main theme.

Two years later, the wedding of the century between Lucero and Mijares became the most important event on television. Since the marriage of María Félix with Jorge Negrete, no other celebrity marriage had caused so much expectation.

After the wedding, the singers were happy until… they got divorced. In 2011, Lucero and Mijares their separation by mutual agreement.

But unlike many of the divorces between celebrities, that of these singers was not only smooth but they continued to live with the naturalness of friends.

That understanding has led them to act together, as happened this Friday at the National Auditorium where they performed a concert with their hits of yesteryear and nods to their relationship.

When Mijares talks about her current relationship with Lucero, she does so as if she were her best friend.

“Now we see each other more than when we were married, and we are even neighbors. When I suggested the idea of ​​living in the same building, she liked it right away and everything has been better now. When we were married, it was her turn to record a novel in Argentina and to my album in the United States. Now, as a divorced couple, we meet more, with great affection and respect; we love each other very much and we are good friends, and that is perceived by the fans. As long as people are interested in seeing us and seeing what that we want to deliver to him, he is a father and we will continue to do so,” he told TVyNovelas last week.

In their relationship, now, in addition, the well-being of their children is involved.

“Our children did not have to live a division of time between us; that one week with the father, and another with the mother, does not happen here. We are only a few floors apart; that has meant that they have been able to grow up living together more with the two; we have organized ourselves very well”.