Mijares lives more with Lucero than with his girlfriend

The soldier of love became a fisherman. Mijares traveled to Cap Cana, Dominican Republic, to receive the highest award given at the HEAT Latin Music Awards. The 64-year-old singer received The Globe last Thursday night for being the Gold Artist of the seventh edition of the event held by the sea. Always smiling, humble and with a good sense of humor, he arrived at his meeting with the press wearing a beach look: hat, sandals, chains and bracelets in keeping with the imminent tropical summer.

He said he felt full and happy at this stage of his life, in which he celebrates 36 years of career, and at the same time records his 33rd album. “The key to success is patience,” he said after answering all the questions about his private life. , unlike other artists.

Your fans are happy to see you in the same show with Lucero, and they also seem very happy. Do they get along better as exes? Is there a better rapport? No, “with penetration” no (laughs). Now we see each other more than when we were married, and we are even neighbors. When I suggested the idea of ​​living in her building, she liked it instantly and everything has been better now. When we were married, she had to record a novel in Argentina and my album in the United States. Now, as a divorced couple, we meet more, with much love and respect; We love each other very much and we are good friends, and that is perceived by the fans. As long as people are interested in seeing us and seeing what we want to give them, it’s cool and we’ll keep doing it.

Was it a good decision to be neighbors? Of course, because our children did not have to live a time division between us; that one week with the father, and another with the mother, does not happen here. We are only a few floors apart; that has meant that they have been able to grow living more with the two; We have organized very well.

Now that your daughter Lucerito is focused on her musical career, what advice do you give her? I have given her many, but she doesn’t listen to me in any of them, she is she. Both José and Lucerito were born into the artistic world, since they were little they are used to seeing their father on stage, their mother in a soap opera or in a show; they have been formed since childhood in this world. José obviously has more of an inclination towards music, and drinks it more towards singing, apart from playing the piano and the guitar. Truly, Lucerito sings very beautifully, and apart from that she is very authentic, he does not try to imitate his mother or me. He has the same smile as Lucero, but the way she sings doesn’t look like her or me, he has her style, and that’s important.

How do you deal with the criticism that you have always been exposed to, and now even more so when it also involves your daughter? It’s not really a new thing, it’s just that now anyone with a phone can post a positive or negative comment. In these cases I don’t get into the subject much, his mother doesn’t get stuck either, and Lucerito doesn’t pay attention to him either. Imagine that you were to pay attention to everything that is said. In particular, I would never dare to make an offensive and derogatory comment about something just because I didn’t like it; that is something that you already bring in your training and education. The baby is focused on finishing high school and continuing her studies in music; He really doesn’t belong to the show yet, only with us he has had exposure.

How do you see his artistic path? The only thing she receives from Lucero and me is to try to advise her with good things that perhaps we lived and learned, but apart from that there is the individual part in which she is very independent, she likes to do what she wants. Since she was little you couldn’t force her to do something that she didn’t like, she is very defined in her character, very feisty and likes to sing whatever comes from her heart; she has many musical influences. She doesn’t get into if someone said or if someone criticized, she doesn’t care.

How do you face this stage of your life at 64 years old? Has the age crisis hit you? Psychologically no, but physically yes; A year ago they operated on me and they put a knee prosthesis on me, but it was already the fourth surgery. I feel very happy at this stage of my life; It has worked a lot for me to try to always be in the place and at the moment I am, to enjoy it to the fullest.