Mildred Treviño’s strong message about her sister’s series, Gloria Trevi

Mildred Treviño is Gloria Trevi’s younger sister

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Mildred Treviño, Gloria Trevi’s younger sister on her father’s side, breaks the silence about the series ‘They are me’

Mildred Treviño, younger sister of Gloria Trevispoke forcefully about the series ‘They are me’which Carla Estrada produced for ViX and Las Estrellas, where it currently airs Monday through Friday, sharp at 9:30 p.m.

Mildred, daughter of Gloria’s father’s second marriage, took advantage of her official Instagram account to talk to her just over 159 thousand followers, since she has been receiving thousands of messages about the story of her famous sister.

“My Instagram is flooded, some throwing hate, others intrigued. The truth is I’m not watching it (the series), because I already know the story, and some things we didn’t know, it’s painfulinjustices disturb me,” said the businesswoman.

@trevilandersgt Mildred, sister of @GloriaTrevi raises her voice for ‘yoyis’ and together with her mother, they tell how they lived that stage Pt1 #EllasSoyYo #gloriatrevi #bioserie #vix #sergioandrade #maryboquitas #latrevi #españa ♬ original sound – TrevilandersGT

Even Mildred spoke about the chapter of ‘They are me’ where she appears next to her sister on a trip they took to Spain for her fifteenth birthday: “They asked me if they were going to let me go to the clan, how they gave me permission, but time, there is no such clan, Gloria and Rachel They were girls, if you can’t understand it, don’t judge it.“They were little girls when they left their homes,” he said.

The makeup artist, who is also a makeup artist, recalled that there were many factors for her older sister to live alone in Mexico City: “There are noble personalities, very weak ones, and even more so if you are so young and you don’t feel the support of your family, because your parents are gone. to divorce.”

Finally, Mildred Treviño asked for “empathy or trying to have empathy, all the girls were victimsfrom the girls at the beginning to those at the end.”

@trevilandersgt Mildred, sister of @GloriaTrevi raises her voice for ‘yoyis’ and together with her mother, they tell how they lived that stage #EllasSoyYo #sergioandrade #maryboquitas #gloriatrevi #clantreviandrade #latrevi #mildredtrevino ♬ original sound – TrevilandersGT

Mildred Treviño, sister of Gloria Trevi, appears in ‘They are me’

In it chapter 28 of ‘They are me’titled ‘Flight to the Motherland’it was announced that Mildred Treviño traveled to Spain with Gloria Trevi and other girls involved in the case, but the teacher “César Santiago” intended to be alone with the singer’s younger sister, so the famous woman prevented it and Mildred He returned to Mexico with his family.

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