Miley Cyrus celebrates Valentine’s Day with a message of self-love

Miley Cyrus shared a powerful message on Instagram to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

February 14 arrived and millions of people in much of the world have turned to social networks to share a message alluding to the Day of Love and Friendship, also known as Valentine’s Day.

Miley Cyrus has been added to this long list, who celebrated this holiday with all her followers.

The image shared by the singer on her official Instagram account lets us see her modeling a look that she used during the filming of the music video for ‘Flowers’, the name given to her new song that has been a resounding success on digital platforms and the which is said to be dedicated to her ex-husband, Liam Hemsworth.

“I can love myself better. Happy Valentine’s Day,” the singer captioned the photo.

As expected, the publication was a resounding success among his followers, who dedicated thousands of compliments to him.

Just an hour after the ‘Party in the USA’ interpreter shared it on Instagram, the photo is almost nothing away from exceeding half a million likes.

One day before the Valentine’s celebrations, Miley Cyrus celebrated a month after the release of ‘Flowers’ on digital platforms with an emotional message, in which she mentions that she hopes her song has a special meaning for her fans, to whom she advises have self-love and pamper yourself by buying flowers.