Miley Cyrus’ “Flowers” wasn’t an empowering song

After the song released by Shakira and Bizarrap that managed to empower all Spanish-speaking women, it was the turn of Miley Cyrus who opened her heart with Flowers.

In Flowers, Cyrus makes use of When I Was Your Man and answers exactly the lines where Mars regrets not giving his ex-partner flowers, to which Miley replies that she can buy her own flowers.

It was in a recent interview with British Vogue magazine that the singer broke her silence after the great success she had with the song, which managed to position itself for a few days as the most listened to song in the world.

Miley surprised her followers by revealing that the initial idea for the song was not how it can be heard now.

“I wrote it in a very different way. The chorus was originally: ‘I can buy myself flowers, write my name in the sand, but I can’t love myself better than you.’

It used to be more, like, the 1950s. The saddest song. Like, ‘Sure, I can be my own lover, but you’re so much better,'” she said.

The song has managed to accumulate more than 430 million views on YouTube alone, becoming one of Miley’s most listened to.