Millionaire waste! Audit to the Rivera throws a piglet

Last June we made public the audit to Jenni Rivera Enterprises (JRE), made at the request of the five children of the Diva de la Banda. At the time, Rosie Rivera, in charge of the administration, felt hurt. Days later, she argued that this procedure was normal, and left open the accounting transfer to her niece Jacqie, who will be responsible from 2022. The review reached the children of the deceased singer, and the results were not accepted by the young people, who relied on the management of their aunt, who will continue to be in charge of producing discs and a documentary on DVD.

As we learn, the singer’s beneficiaries allege high salaries, decisions not consulted with them and trips made for non-commercial purposes in favor of Jenni Rivera Enterprises, in addition to the refusal to publish new Jenni material, which has already been paid for.

Jenni Rivera. Photo: Special

They could put on the table a complaint for mismanagement, in order to be returned the money that, they believe, should remain as part of their mother’s active inheritance. A close person told us that Jacqie, who will take the reins of the company, understands the anger of his male brothers, who at the time asked the company for money for courses, trips and means of transportation, and were ignored. We try to contact the children of the Diva de la Banda, however, for moments they will not give interviews.

We know that they agreed to fulfill their mother’s last will, so they approached their Aunt Rosie for an accounting report. At the time Johnny, the youngest of the dynasty, He assured that since the death of his mother, in 2012, they had to have been given money every year, which did not happen.


“I never said that my uncles robbed us: my intention was to see their reaction. We have always had questions, but they have the excuse that we do not trust them; They say that we are disrespectful and ungrateful children. It is not an audit, it is an accounting of the companies from what my mother’s will says; we should receive an accounting at the end of each year, but we have never received anything. For mental health, I can go without talking to my uncle Juan and my aunt Rosie ”.

“Mistakes don’t make us a bad family:” Rosie … As of press time, Rosie had not made any statements, but earlier she said: “We have made mistakes between families: misunderstandings, bad communication, lawsuits, but that does not make us a bad family.”

“If they show that there was fraud, I agree to go to jail,” says Juan Rivera

For his part, Juan exploded against his nephews on his Instagram account: “This roll is a shame, but if you think I’m going to allow my name to be stained like that just because, no. I tried to take care of them like they were my own children, but it was worth… They treat you like trash. Not because you came out of a famous vagina do you feel entitled. I challenge you to prove that there was fraudulent handling of money at Jenni Rivera Enterprises; if proven, he would agree to go to jail ”.