Ministry of Education organizes the first Christmas Caravan

Within the actions of the Christmas Festival inaugurated by Governor Ricardo Gallardo, the SEGE coordinates a great parade for the enjoyment of families.

After the start of the Christmas Festival at the facilities of the Potosina National Fair (Fenapo), headed by the Governor of San Luis Potosí Ricardo Gallardo Cardona, the Secretary of Education of the State Government (SEGE) coordinates the first “Christmas Caravan” that It will take place on Saturday, December 10 at 6:00 p.m., with the participation of around three thousand people, for the enjoyment of young and old with a great show.

The head of the agency, Juan Carlos Torres Cedillo, explained that in this first Christmas parade the participation of public and private schools, decentralized organizations, contingents from state agencies, such as Culture, Tourism, Sports, Tangamanga Parks, among others, is contemplated. who have joined the effort to make the Christmas Festival a show that families from San Luis Potosí can enjoy.

“We are defining and coordinating the last logistical details and the support that is required from agencies such as State Civil Protection, State Public Security, Civil Guard and Municipal Police of the capital for the deployment of road operations where we will parade and flag the contingent, guaranteeing an attractive, innovative and one hundred percent familiar show”, explained the official Torres Cedillo.

Finally, the SEGE invites public and private schools, decentralized organizations, government agencies, private companies, civil, sports, cultural and artistic associations of San Luis Potosí who wish to participate to register with the Coordination of Cultural and Artistic Diffusion of this Secretariat before December 3, to define the order of participation.