Mint tins hide miniature masterpieces

Colorado-based artist Remington Robinson paints miniature masterpieces outdoors.

If you open one of Remington Robinson’s Altoids tins, you’re bound to find not mints, but a work of art. For several years, this Colorado-based artist has been making tiny paintings outdoors and indoors, using empty mint cans to store and display them.

Each of the microwood panels is Velcroed to the lid of the metal container, which Robinson uses to transport his art supplies to their destination. Once he has reached the place he wishes to paint, he opens the box and uses the bottom tray to mix his paints.

In this way, you can create works of art in a wide variety of interesting places, from airport terminals to lush gardens or cozy cafes.

Though done on a small scale, Robinson’s paintings are packed with detail. The artist manages to make realistic representations of plants, mountains, architectural pieces and much more through precise brush strokes.

Buyers of his paintings receive the entire Altoids tin, with the wood panel still attached to the lid, and the matching color palette dries in the bottom jar.

You can purchase one of Robinson’s miniature masterpieces through his online store, and stay up to date with his latest creations by following the artist on Instagram.