Miracle in Thailand: a tourist jumped into the void from ten floors tied to a rope and it was cut, but he survived

A Hong Kong tourist miraculously saved thailand when the rope with which he launched himself practicing bungee jumping from a podium of ten floors broke a few seconds before he reached the bottom of the jump, plummeting into the water.

“I landed on my left side, so the injuries were more serious,” he told CNN the tourist who asked to be called Mike to avoid bullying on social media. “It was like someone beat me up.“, accurate.

His fall was witnessed by some friends who were with him in the Changthai Thappraya Safari and Adventure Park.

“I was very high, so I closed my eyes. He planned to reopen them when he bounced. I realized that the rope had broken when I opened my eyes and I was surrounded by wateradded Mike, 39.

Plunging into the water, she managed to surface and swim despite her feet being bound by the lower half of the broken bungee cord.

The park reimbursed him for what he paid for bungee jumping and also for X-rays and ultrasounds in Thailand

Mike revealed that the park reimbursed him for what he paid for bungee jumping and also the X-rays and ultrasounds in Thailand.

The founder of the park, Nithit Intimconfirmed the accident and said it was the first time this had happened.

“After the rope broke, our staff immediately pulled him out of the water and asked if he was okay. “He [Mike] he said he felt bruised. So we took him to the hospital, ”he declared to CNN.

Intim claimed that Mike had signed a Disclaimer before making the jump. He also sent a photograph to CNN with the signed resignationas well as copies of medical bills in Thailand.

“Our staff explained that if any mishap or accident occurs, our company will compensate the medical bills. but the customer cannot claim compensation for other types of expenses,” said Intim.

He assured that the park would be willing to pay any other direct medical expenses in Hong Kong if receipts are presented.

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