Miriam and Toñita star in zafarrancho in networks

Myriam, a former academic, announced that due to the fear of threats from Toñita, she requested protection measures

Former academics Myriam Montemayor and Toñita star in a mess on social networks after the fight they have had for several years, where Toñita has not stopped attacking her former partner from La Academia.

It was on social networks that the winner of La Academia announced that she had filed protection measures against Toñita.

“Due to the constant statements without truth or foundation, for 6 years as well as recently and attacks that translate into violence, which led to direct threats against me, I found myself in need of requesting protection measures against a judge”.

“The prohibition to C. Antonia Salazar (Toña) to carry out behaviors of intimidation and annoyance to my person, this by any means or intermediary person, measures that were granted to me with the permanent character”.

It is worth remembering that in July 2022, Montemayor requested a restraining order for the alleged threats that Toñita issued about hitting her and despite this, Toña did not stop attacking Myriam.