“Misplaced and arrogant”: Gabo Escamilla explodes against Grupo Firme

Radio announcer Gabriel Escamilla spoke harshly and directly about the Firm Group, which has caused great controversy due to its performance during halftime of the NFL game in Mexico, in which the Cardinals faced San Francisco.

In various videos broadcast even by celebrities such as Sandra Echeverría, the booing of the spectators against the Mexican group was notorious.

Eduin Caz, the vocalist, however, responded with a message in which he said: “Whenever you want, we will fill your stadium.”

Opinions against Grupo Firme focus on the fact that neither their music nor their profile were suitable to perform as part of an NFL game and for this reason they earned widespread booing.

Gabriel Escamilla, during his radio program on La Z (107.3), said: “I am going to talk about my experience with Grupo Firme; it is a group that never wants to do anything with the radio, nor promotion, nor festivals; they do nothing if there is no payment.”

In his response message, Eduin Caz emphasized that they do not care about criticism: “I thank with all my heart those who sang and yelled positive things at us and those who didn’t, well, what can I say, we are not gold coins.”

Escamilla, for his part, pointed out: “Sometimes we are up and other times down. And Grupo Firme is up right now but that causes them to be out of place, arrogant. What happened to them on Monday (the booing) comes at an important moment, let’s wait for see how they react. It’s not that I want it but it’s natural that there are falls”.

The announcer pointed out that when that happens, it will be time to learn about another facet of Grupo Firme: “We’ll see if they answer the call and if they look for the people they’re not looking for now. We’ll see if they look for support when they need it.”

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