Miss Sahuayo is electrocuted by the microphone; she rises and wins

Andrea Víctor was the winner of Miss Congeniality in the Miss Sahuayo contest, but before enjoying that moment of glory, the model went through a critical situation.

The first stage of the contest consisted of a catwalk in typical costume and Andrea Víctor was the first to walk the parade. With poise and a good step, Andrea walked around the stage and reached the microphone pedestal to introduce herself.

The presenter showed confusion due to the lack of information: “They have not sent me the list of names, I suppose Andrea is the first…”

At that moment, Andrea takes the microphone and when she feels the electric shock she tries to release it but I couldn’t. With her other hand she tries to remove the microphone but she can’t either and she finally falls to the ground due to the magnitude of the discharge while the presenter alerts: “She is electrocuting herself, she is electrocuting herself.”

Finally, Andrea was helped and minutes later, she returned to the catwalk to continue competing.

She had such a good performance that in the end she was chosen as Miss Congeniality in this contest that takes place every year.

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