Miss Universe in The House of the Famous 4? A beauty queen sounds strong to participate in the reality show

The house of the famous 4 It arrives on Telemundo in January to start 2024 with everything.


The house of the famousTelemundo’s most famous reality show, reaches its fourth season with a series of surprises that are not over yet… Even a queen could be among the tenants!

In the last few hours, a rumor has circulated that The house of the famous 4 I would be negotiating the incorporation of a recent candidate for Miss Universe 2023, which would follow in the footsteps of Alicia Machado and Madison Anderson, models who were already in past editions of the reality show.

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In fact, there are less than two months until The house of the famous 4 begin airing on Telemundo, so The producers of the reality show are working at full speed to close the perfect list of tenantsand among the celebrities a beauty queen could not be missing.


The dynamics of The house of the famous 4 It is simple, but successful: over several weeks, a series of media celebrities live under the same roof while they are watched 24/7 by cameras placed in absolutely every part of the house.

For this fourth season, there will be a total of 23 celebrities that they will give everything to win the final prize, and although Telemundo has not revealed the official list of participants, it did hint that a beauty queen would be among the contestants with this revealing message:

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“Two beauty queens were winners of The house of the famous. Do you think that in January we will see a queen enter the house?” “We read you!” reads an advertisement on the Telemundo Realities page, which immediately sparked fury among fans of this program.

In fact Ronald DayPresident of Entertainment and Content Strategy at Telemundo, confirmed the participation of the beauty queen through her Instagram stories, although he did not confirm his identity. “We already have one chosen,” she noted.