Moldova gave more details of the Russian plan to overthrow the government

Moldovan President Maia Sandu (AP Photo / Aurel Obreja) (Aurel Obreja /)

Moldova’s president on Monday detailed what she called a Russian plan to overthrow her government with foreign saboteurs in order to put the country “at the disposal of Russia” and thwart their plans to one day join the European Union.

The president’s announcement Maia Sandu It comes a week after the president of neighboring Ukraine, Volodimir Zelensky, said his country had intercepted plans by Russian secret services to destroy moldovawhich was later confirmed by Moldovan intelligence officials.

The plan for the next phase involves actions by saboteurs with military trainingcamouflaged with civilian clothes, who would carry out violent actions, attacking public buildings and even taking hostages,” Sandu told reporters at a press conference.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine nearly a year ago, Moldova — a former Soviet republic of some 2.6 million people — has tried to reach out to the West. It was granted EU candidate country status last June, on the same day as Ukraine.

Sandu maintained that the purpose of the alleged Russian plan was to “overthrow the constitutional order, change the legitimate power of (the capital of Moldova) to an illegitimate one … which would place the country at the disposal of Russia in order to stop the process of European integration”.

Defiantly, he added: “The Kremlin’s attempts to sow violence in our country will not prosper.”

Sandu stated that between October and December the police and the Intelligence Service intervened in “several cases of organized crime elements and thwarted attempts at violence.”

In the last year, Moldova has been plagued by various problems, including a severe energy crisis after Moscow slashed gas supplies, runaway inflation and the detection of missiles that have crossed its airspace.

Moldovan authorities confirmed that another missile from the war in Ukraine entered their airspace on Friday.

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