Mom of twins asks the police for help to find out who is who

Perhaps only someone who knows a pair of twins or twins will be able to understand the case of this woman

It turns out that a mother had to go to the police to tell the difference between her babies, adorable twins only 45 days old.

It is about a woman from Argentina; We know this because she went to the RENAPER (National Registry of Persons) of that country. And well, she did, she sought help in that place because she says that she just can’t recognize who is who among her newborn twins, named Valentin and Lorenzo.

The good thing is that she herself takes the matter with a lot of humor. Sofi Rodríguez shared her case on Twitter with photos and everything in a very nice way, calling herself the mother of the year.

“Tomorrow I have to go to the police to take my twins’ fingerprints and tell me which one is which, I won the mother of the year award,” he wrote in the tweet with which he started the thread of his sad story .

As we said, the woman posted some photographs of the twins that she cannot tell apart, and yes, they are identical. In fact, the confusion reached the point that one was given two vaccines instead of one and one.

“Today I can tell them apart by the vaccine, but I don’t know which is which and I need to know to follow their medical records. We took his prints but they don’t appear in the system.

We still don’t know who is who. Looks like they vaccinated the same one twice. And they are doing all the studies and they don’t name it because we don’t know what it is“.

It will not be until this Monday, March 6, when RENAPER’s help arrives and they can finally know which is which. However, his case generated thousands of reactions and several users responded by telling their own story of twins or twins who at some point had doubts about who was who.

“Hello Sofi, first of all congratulations. My name is Sergio since I was 5 years old. Before he called me Pablo, like my twin brother“; “I know a similar story from 60 years ago, they were twins, one got sick and passed away. And the mother never knew what it was” (Wow!).

“With my twin brother we used a bracelet, one on the left and the other on the right. The myth says that once we both dropped them and they were reversed. We are almost 30 years old and maybe I am him and he is me“; were just some of the comments.