Montserrat Oliver: “Adopting a child is not an option, I already adopted dogs, cats and horses”

A marriage that ended in divorce and two courtships of more than a decade had to overcome Montserrat Oliver to finally find the love of his life, the one who can be the one he enjoys “until death do us part”. The 56-year-old driver celebrates this December two years of happy marriage with Yaya Kosikova, a Slovenian 20 years younger than the one who shot her heart. Surrounded by nature, the couple enjoys their first 24 months as wives on the ranch where they share a home in Texas, United States. The beautiful actress and host takes stock of the new opportunity that was offered in love.


“We carry it with shouts, hats, and of course also with joy, but that’s the way it is in all relationships. Not every day is walking on rose petals; There are days that are bad and others that are good. There are moments when you want to shout happiness to the four winds, and others when you just want to send everything to hell, that’s life.

Montserrat does not allow herself to be defeated by the adversities that they may go through as a couple: “The secret is to have good communication and I know what I lack (laughs). We’re already past the point of jealousy, and that doesn’t matter anymore. What you really have to do is always talk and seek to reach a middle ground. You must understand that you have to give in, that’s how relationships are, not everything can always be as you wish. Motherhood is not in her plans, until now, nor is adopting. The host of the reality show Reto 4 Elementos feels happy being a pampering, fun and pampering aunt.

“Adopting a child is not an option for us; I already adopted dogs, cats and horses. I also have many nephews that God gave me, and that makes me happy,” said the blonde smiling, who also confessed to us that the key to her beauty is putting collagen on her forehead, sleeping without makeup and “not hurting anyone.”

Likewise, he listed his reasons for why he had already given up having a large family, as he dreamed of when he lived his first marriage. “I wanted four children, but not anymore. I’m content and happy as I live, I think it’s a little late. Well for Yaya, not for me”.


On the other hand, Montserrat Oliver assured that the flag of peace is waving between her, her wife and Yolanda Andrade, her partner for just over a decade. When asked if Yaya had been bothered by comments made by the Sinaloan, she replied: “Yes, she was very uncomfortable, for several years and by various comments, until I told Yolanda to lower two lines. In addition, Yaya also learned not to listen and ignore people who bother so much; there is a lot of hate on social media.”

It should be noted, by the way, that Yolanda and Montserrat’s courtship took place at a time when they could not freely talk about their sexual preferences, let alone make their relationship public. However, now that Oliver enjoys love with Yaya, Andrade has stated that he makes her happy to see her co-worker in love with her.

“I love Montserrat and I love that she is happy, that she gets married and has horses, chickens and lice… I adore her with all my heart,” he declared at the time. The truth is that, beyond everything, Montserrat and Yaya have managed to overcome the problems of a marriage and now, to celebrate their second wedding anniversary, they have already prepared a romantic trip.

The love of his life.

The love story of Montserrat Oliver and the photographer Yaya Kosikova began to be written in 2015, after they both coincided in a job. However, a message sent by the European to the driver was the starting point of the romance: “Hi, I’m Yaya.” That greatly impacted Montse, because they called her mother with that nickname, and she had just lost her; there she began the connection that led to a five-year courtship and later joined in marriage. The wedding came in December 2020; It was held in an intimate ceremony at Montserrat Oliver’s ranch in Texas. The link was kept secret until they decided to announce it publicly six months later, through a photo they shared on Instagram. There you can see them happy, radiant and wearing white tailored suits. “I would choose you over and over again, #LovesIsLove (love is love)”, was part of the message that he dedicated to his wife on the social network.

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