Montserrat Oliver remembers that Yolanda Andrade “was brought short”… La Vero?

Montserrat Oliver told many aspects of her personal life in an interview with Yordi Rosado, with whom she recalled her romance with Yolanda Andrade and how, when it ended, they both had new romances and continued to work together.

“We always say 10, but between 8 and 10,” he said about the time he spent with Yolanda. And she remembered that Andrade’s new conquest was very strict, and although he did not say names, she gave a fundamental clue when looking at the camera: Big Brother.

In that reality show, Veronica Castro and Yolanda Andrade They lived together before the cameras, and years later, the presenter revealed that they were symbolically married in Europe after a torrid romance.

Montserrat shared that after her breakup with Yolanda, working together on ‘Las hijas de la madre… Tierra’ was “very difficult, it was… Apart from that, she was already with someone when she left Big Brother… but well, why do I go there? could touch me.”

“On top of that, angry, because we had just cut. They were the states that one goes through in grief, angry and sitting down and then suddenly he put on the bows and said that he could not go to record. I did not want him to stop being formal So, yes, it was difficult,” he recalled.

That yes, Montserrat admitted “I was already starting with someone else, why do I play the dead fly, me too”.

Montserrat did not give a name, but it is inevitable to relate Yolanda and the time after her departure from Big Brother with the romance that years later she herself assured that she had with Verónica Castro, who, by the way, denied everything in an interview with ‘Venga la alegría’ on September 4, 2019: “I clarify that I did not get married. I have never married. If I did not marry the parents of my children, how I’m going to marry Yolanda? […] I told Yolanda that of course I’m not going to get married, and in this life I’m not going to get married, and I’m not going to be a lesbian, not this time, in this life.”

In fact, Verónica announced that she was retiring from show business, but Yolanda Andrade appeared on our cover to say that the alleged retirement was only to provoke hatred towards her, for telling her truth.

On September 16, 2019, Yolanda said on TVyNovelas that she did have a romantic relationship with Verónica for 5 years.

“I would never have confirmed it if Verónica had not detonated that missile that she threw when she said (in an interview with the program ‘Venga la alegría’) that she was not a lesbian… If she withdraws it is because of cowardice and not because of me, because she probably has other rags that wash”.