Monumental sculpture “You” is installed in Fundadores

With the opening of this exhibition, the celebrations for the centenary of the birth of Federico Silva will begin.

Last Friday afternoon, the monumental sculpture “You” by the Mexican artist José Rivelino Moreno Valle, installed in Plaza Fundadores, was inaugurated; The State Government invited the general public to visit it.

Two giant bronze index fingers that point to each other, to make the heritage space a zone of interaction and questioning about the meaning of equality.

“You” is a 25-ton piece of bronze and steel that took three years of study for its conception and at the same time a year and a half of construction in which two giant bronze index fingers face each other in perfect symmetry, to make the heritage space a zone of interaction and questioning about the meaning of equality; so the work interacts with the space that surrounds it and with the public.

Its creator José Rivelino Moreno Valle is a Mexican artist, from Jalisco, draftsman and ceramic artist and among his most famous works are Nuestros Silencios, Raíces and Tú; With the latter, the author comments that the piece seeks to question the concept of equality and differences in society in each person.

“To make this piece, we had to investigate what social abandonment is, what all the socially abandoned groups meant and begin to see how this segregation works. We point to ourselves with our index finger and with the sign we can find all kinds of positive or negative meanings”, was what the artist commented on the piece in a national media outlet.

Rivelino has distinguished himself by the investigation and construction of reliefs, in his interest in detonating dialogues with collective memory, he is also one of the most active artists in Mexico in the field of sculptural intervention in public and urban space.

His work “You” has toured London, England; as well as Monterrey and Jalisco in Mexico, while “La Caja Táctil” has been in various countries: Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Russia, the United States, Mexico and also in the United Kingdom.