“Mopping is not acting”: Gustavo Adolfo Infante underestimated Yalitza Aparicio’s new achievement in the US

The presenter considered that Yalitza is not an actress (Photo: @gainfante / IG – @yalitzaapariciomtz / IG9

Gustavo Adolfo Infante gave a show of little appreciation for Yalitza Aparicio’s career, because he despised his work on the tape Rome, work that screened her internationally and thanks to which she obtained a nomination for Best Actress at the prestigious Oscars of the American Academy.

The journalist launched himself against the native of Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca, and assured that the young woman should not be considered an actress. It was on his show First hand where her colleagues spoke about the fact that Carmen Salinas received last July the affiliation to the Screen Actors Guild of America, whose members will be able to vote to determine the winners of the Oscar award.

And it is that recently Yalitza also received that distinction, a fact that Gustavo Adolfo Infante critical. So he said: “And Yalitza, I will ask, what merits does he have to have that affiliation? I don’t want to get into an argument, but he doesn’t act. They said to her: ‘Mop here.’ Where’s the performance?”Gustavo Adolfo Infante began in his frontal attack.

Yalitza Aparicio posed in a magazine for adults
Yalitza Aparicio recently posed in a men’s magazine (Photo: Instagram / @ yalitzaapariciomtz)

As if that were not enough, the reporter questioned Yalitza’s foray into the film industry and called the film that launched her to fame in 2018 as “boring.”

“You can tell me that she cried very naturally, It seems to me that Yalitza Aparicio is overrated and that she is not an actress. That is my opinion and they are not going to take it away from me, and with all due respect you can tell me that I am ignorant of cinema, but boring Rome”He added.

Finally, the celebrity specialist highlighted the importance of the educator by profession as a representative of the indigenous population, however he again attacked her work and against the director’s award-winning film Alfonso Cuaron.

PHOTO: Instagram / @ yalitzapariciomtz
The also social activist has been the voice of different causes Photo: Instagram / @ yalitzapariciomtz

“How good that you were where he was born, all that story that is very romantic, it is beautiful, where he was born, and we all applaud him, that the brown skin, the bronze race and united Mexico will never be defeated, the green, white and red, but What is she about as an actress? Indigenous people need a voice, support and image like Yalitza Aparicio, but I said the lady does not act. The movie Rome I thought it was a sleeping pill to go jetear, I saw her twice and both times I fell asleep ”, he remarked. The climax in Rome is when I put the car in the garage”.

The driver’s words were in contrast to his partner’s Monica Noguera, who replied: “I think, Gus, it really is the package of absolutely everything, is a Cuarón directing someone who had never acted in his life, who had no idea what world he was going to face, the whole story that is the director’s childhood, is a movie filmed in Mexico. I believe that many factors were taken and it seems to me underestimate merely mentioning whether or not he mops as a reference to his performance”.

However, the controversial journalist continued to defend his position.

At the beginning of October, Yalitza accompanied Alejandro Sanz in the unveiling of his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles Photo: Reuters
At the beginning of October, Yalitza accompanied Alejandro Sanz in the unveiling of his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles Photo: Reuters (MARIO ANZUONI /)

Yalitza She has also become a fashion icon and an example to follow for her social activism against racism and other violence suffered by women. Due to this impact, several brands have sought her out for interviews, photoshoots with luxury clothing and promotion of their products. Too became an actress who is constantly featured on magazine covers, regardless of the subject.

Some days ago, Aparicio posed in a men’s magazine, where she showed a side that few knew about her, because her imposing gaze next to her strong personality and the details in her look they resulted in unpublished images.

Yalitza appeared in the health and beauty supplement Skin, from the magazine Bad Man. The person in charge of the session was the director Alejandro Peregrina, who also interviewed her.

“I want to share this wonderful moment with you before more time passes. Always enjoying every moment. Thank you guys @badhombreskin “, wrote the Oaxacan in an Instagram post.


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