MORE PHOTOS of the reunion of Irina Baeva with her ex, Emmanuel Palomares

The love story of Irina Baeva and Emmanuel Palomares seems like a soap opera: both foreigners arrived in Mexico City with the hope of becoming actors.

The coincidence made them friends and living together led them to become boyfriends for just over two years. They were a highly romantic couple.

However, the separation was just as dizzying and without further explanation. Emmanuel simply stated that they had decided to separate to “focus” on their career as job opportunities were becoming more frequent and important, which prevented them from developing their relationship.

For Irina Baeva there was no further explanation: she accepted the separation and continued her life, which led her to meet and fall in love with Gabriel Soto.

In this new relationship, Baeva and Soto live a courtship that has been about to reach the altar three times but has had to be postponed for reasons as eclectic as the Ukraine war with Russia (where Baeva is from) until work schedule .

It is in this context that Irina and Emmanuel met again on the set of TVyNovelas during the recording of Televisa’s Fiesta Mexicana.

Although at first Irina did not notice Emmanuel, it was he who spoke to her and the reunion was so emotional that their happy faces give them away.

The photos speak for themselves.