More problems for Haiti: the UN cuts the food program due to lack of funds

Cetout Widlore feeds her seven-month-old daughter Naomie Cesar, after health personnel checked the baby’s health status at the Gheskio Center, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti (AP Photo/Odelyn Joseph) (Odelyn Joseph/)

The United Nations World Food Program announced Monday that it is facing a shortage of funds and will not be able to help 100,000 people in Haiti this month who urgently need help.

The trimming of the 25% takes place despite the fact that 4.9 million people, a record number, in the country of almost 11 million inhabitants They need help finding food, the agency said.

“These cuts could not come at a worse time, when Haitians face a multi-layered humanitarian crisis, and their lives and livelihoods are upended by violence, insecurity, the economic crisis and climate shocks,” said Jean-Martin Bauer. , agency director for Haiti.

Bystanders gather around the bodies of suspected gang members who were set on fire by a mob (AP Photo/Odelyn Joseph)
Bystanders gather around the bodies of suspected gang members who were set on fire by a mob (AP Photo/Odelyn Joseph)

The agency warned that its response plan for Haiti is only 16% funded and that it will not be able to provide food to a total of 750,000 Haitians if it does not raise $121 million between now and the end of the year.

Unless we receive immediate funding, further devastating cuts cannot be ruled out.Bauer maintained.

So far this year, the World Food Program has provided hot meals to more than 450,000 school children, often the only food they receive for an entire day.

On a per capita basis, the number of Haitians facing emergency-level food insecurity is the second highest in the world, with nearly 5 million people struggling to eat every day, according to the agency. It is also expected that more than 115,000 children under the age of 5 are dealing with malnutrition this year, an increase of 30% compared to last year.

The violence generated by the gangs has worsened the situation, paralyzing the transport of goods and causing people not to leave their homes.

The EU sends 10 million euros to Haiti for humanitarian aid

Haiti has been mired in a crisis for years (EFE/ JEAN MARC HERVE ABELARD/File)
Haiti has been mired in a crisis for years (EFE/ JEAN MARC HERVE ABELARD/File) (EFEI0342/)

The European Union (EU) today announced the dispatch of €10 million to Haiti to address the humanitarian crisis stemming from widespread violence, economic collapse and a cholera epidemic.

“Hunger, widespread violence, epidemics, disasters. When we ask ourselves about the suffering that a human being can endure, we must remember that the Haitian population endures all that and much more. The EU does not forget this,” said the European Commissioner for Crisis Management, Janez Lenarcic, in a statement.

The announcement, made public on the same day that a summit between the EU and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States opens in Brussels, raises 18.5 million euros the total amount of aid destined this year from Brussels to Port-au-Prince.

“As we celebrate the fruitful partnership between the European Union and Latin America and the Caribbean, helping the Haitian people remains our main concern and priority in the region,” added the European Commissioner.

The European Commission estimates that the number of people in need of humanitarian assistance in Haiti has doubled in the last five years, to 5.2 million, which is equivalent to “almost half of the country’s population.”

The percentage of Haitians facing urgent food insecurity compared to the total population is the second highest in the world, the community executive said, adding that the rapidly deteriorating situation in Haiti has also led to an exodus and the spread of the crisis. aid to other countries in the region.

(With information from AP and EFE)

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