More RBD concerts? The clue that Christopher Uckermann revealed about another tour

The ‘Soy Rebelde Tour’ was a resounding success during its tour through the United States, Latin America and Mexico.

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You might want to start saving, because more RBD concerts may be announced very soon.

The RBD concerts They were a resounding success after their tour of the United States, Latin America and Mexico throughout 2023. Although more than 12 dates were confirmed in our country, many were left with the desire to see Anahí, Dulce María, Cristian Chávez, Maite Perroni and Christopher Uckermann during their performance on the ‘Soy Rebelde Tour’.

However, there is now a new possibility, as Uckermann has given a glimmer of hope that it is actually very likely to happen. Like Christian Chávez said that a second phase with new concerts is viable.

RBD: will there be more ‘Soy Rebelde Tour’ concerts?

Christopher Uckermann was questioned by ‘Sale el Sol’ reporters about the possibility that there was more RBD concert dates in Mexicoto which he quickly replied that it is quite possible and that, if it happens, he will be happy to return.

“Yes, definitely. Look, obviously we are closing the entire first phase of the tour and, if it happens, if destiny wants it, we will do a second phase in Latin America, Eastern Europe and return to Brazil, why not?”, the RBD member said. .

And that was not all. The actor who also starred in novels like ‘Friends Forever’ and ‘Adventures in Time’ stressed that, If RBD return to the stage, they will do so in a big way: with new music involved.

rbd concerts

There is an increasing possibility that RBD will return with more concerts.

()Instagram @rbd_musica

In the United States alone, RBD grossed more than $130.5 million in 30 concerts scheduled for the country, surpassing boy bands like One Direction.

Most of the group’s concerts, whose origin dates back to the Televisa soap opera ‘RBD’ (2004), were sold out. Rebelde’s tour ended at the Azteca Stadium last Thursday, December 21, 2023.

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