More than 20 Russian soldiers died of poisoning in the occupied Ukrainian city of Melitopol

The body of a Russian soldier lies dead in the Ukraine. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images) (John Moore/)

The General Staff of the Ukrainian armed forces reported in its daily military part on Friday of the death by “poisoning” of more than twenty Russian soldiers in the district of Melitopollocated in the southeast of Ukraine and occupied by Russia.

“The invaders continue to suffer casualties, even hors de combat,” reads the report, which says that these deaths occurred on April 24 “in one of the units” deployed by Russia in Melitopolin the partially Russian-occupied Ukrainian province of Zaporizhzhyain the southeast of Ukraine.

According to the Ukrainian General Staff, the poisoning was caused by “an unknown substance”.

Ukrainian and international media have reported on several occasions since the beginning of this war of cases of Russian soldiers being poisoned with food served to them by Ukrainian civilians in occupied areas.

Likewise, the Ukrainian Defense Minister, Oleksiy Reznikovsaid this Friday that the military preparations for the expected spring offensive against the Russian positions came to an end, anticipating a decisive phase of the war.

A worker stacks the corpses of Russian soldiers.  REUTERS/Vitalii Hnidyi
A worker stacks the corpses of Russian soldiers. REUTERS/Vitalii Hnidyi (Stringer/)

“The preparations are coming to an end,” Reznikov told a news conference in kyiv. “The equipment was promised, prepared and partially delivered. In a broad sense, we are ready,” he added.

During the winter, Ukraine repelled a Russian offensive in vicious but mostly static fighting across snowy fields pockmarked with artillery craters and ruined cities. Now it’s Ukraine’s turn to go on the attack.

The news western weaponsLike the German Leopard 2 tanks and US mine-clearing vehicles, which could prove critical in assaults, are arriving in Ukraine. Thousands of recruits are training in newly formed units that are designed for offense. And the military command is preventing elite soldiers from participating in the worst of the fighting in the east, in the city of Bakhmut and its surroundings, to launch them into the upcoming campaign.

After more than a year at war, Ukraine is battle-hardened. “We are covered with 3 centimeters of stone,” one fighter, Lt. Ilya Samoilenko, said in a recent interview.

This announcement from the Ministry of Defense comes after At least 16 people have been killed overnight by massive Russian missile attacks on the city of Umanin central Ukraine, and in Dnipro (east), the Ukrainian authorities reported this Friday.

The number of fatalities in Uman rose to twelve, official sources reported through the portal ukrinformwhile the rescue teams continue to search for the missing or survivors among the rubble.

The spokesman of the Ukrainian Presidency, Mikhailo Podolyakhighlighted in his twitter account that the Uman attack affected a block of multi-story buildings, “where families with children slept peacefully” and that, in addition to the fatalities, eleven people were injured.

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