More than 300,000 Android users affected by Facebook data theft

Trojan steals data from Facebook users on Android devices. (photo: OCU)

A malware called Schoolyard Bully It has been active since 2018 affecting the android smartphones and that it is stealing the credentials of the accounts of Facebook, as well as additional information about the user (data associated with the infected Android devices).

Facebook reaches nearly 2.96 billion monthly users and remains the number one social media platform. As attackers take advantage of the Schoolyard Bully Trojan to gain unauthorized access to credentials, they are having much more success gaining access to financial accounts”, affirm the researchers.

Its name comes from the fact that the malware masquerades as educational apps “legitimate”. They have even been available in Google Play Store, although they have already been removed. However, it is still possible to find the malware through third-party applications.

Researchers estimate that the malware affected more than 300,000 Android usersalthough the figure may be higher, in 71 countries, although Viernan was the most affected by the malware.

Map of the countries affected by the malware.  (photo: Zimperium)
Map of the countries affected by the malware. (photo: Zimperium)

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How does this Trojan affect an Android cell phone?

Once the device is infected, the malware opens the login page of Facebook in the native app using WebView and injects malicious JavaScript code to steal user data without the user’s knowledge.

“The javascript code extracts the value of the elements with ‘ids m_login_email’ and ‘m_login_password’, which are placeholders for the phone number, email address, and password,” they explain from the American firm.

(photo: Zimperium)
(photo: Zimperium)

Furthermore, this malware uses native libraries to hide its malicious code from security applications and tools, so the malware does not know it is infected.

The security company points out that in addition to the 37 malware-related apps, the attackers’ campaign may include others malicious applications that have not yet been identified and it is not known who could be behind this malware, although they ruled out being related to the operation FlyTrapwhich also attempted to hack Facebook accounts and targeted users in Vietnam.

So from Infobae readers are recommended to leave this article, review all Facebook accounts that are open to see if there has been any strange movement, and, of course, remember that changing passwords regularly never hurts .

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Candy Crush Saga.  (photo: Google Play Store)
Candy Crush Saga. (photo: Google Play Store)

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