More than 40 apps can be used without passwords on iPhone using Passkey

Apple Passkeys function (9to5mac)

With the arrival of the update iOS 16 was also included password on the devices Manzana that are compatible. This new security function for access to user accounts prevents the use of passwords in websites Y Applications that enable this option.

According to the website of ManzanaPasskey allows you to log into an account using a biometric authentication key, which can be FaceID either Touch ID. This also includes the creation of accounts since “there is no need to create or manage passwords (…) It is possible to use a iphone to access apps and websites on non-devices Manzana”.

After the first days of the launch of the operating system had a limited amount of Applications that enabled the option to use Passkeys as a form of access to the accounts. However, currently users can find a total of 43 websitesapplications and services that have this function activated.

Apple‘s Passkey prevents users from signing in to apps or websites through a password, rather through biometric recognition.

Passkey Compatible Apps

Within the list of websites and Applications I have enabled this option, which can be used as a login method as of two factor authenticationthere are some platforms of technologyfinances, travel, health, among others.

MicrosoftGithub, Googleyahoo, TwitterZoho, Proton Mail, Name Cheap, Cloudflare, DocuSign, GoDaddy, and Nvidia are some of the apps that have implemented this feature as a two-factor authentication method.

Meanwhile, platforms like Best Buy, Card Pointers, KAYAK, Kenword, MicrosoftNescafe, Nvidia, PayPalRobin Hood and Pastery, among others, enabled this method of biometric identification as a form of direct access to accounts related.

Passkey iOS 16
Using Passkey in the iOS 16 Kayak App (9to5mac)

In total there are 43 applications between platforms and services that allow password have the possibility of giving access to the accounts and new ones are generated that do not have the need to generate one password when creating them.

While this is the complete list for now, it is possible that over time the variety of Applications that implement this form of access and users interested in keeping up to date on which platforms are added can enter the website.

More Passkeys features

Another feature that it has Passkeys is that it allows its use in devices of Manzanabut it is also possible that users can start a session from a phone that has an operating system Android. This is possible by scanning a QR code with a iphone either iPad and then use a biometric recognition to verify the authenticity of the person.

Google password.  (photo: Google)
Google password. (photo: Google)

For users concerned that Manzana can access information on passwordthis function is protected by end-to-end encryption, which indicates that the information is secure and that the company cannot access that data.

Apple has implemented the technology of password for devices iphone with iOS 16in addition to iPadOS and macOS Ventura, the most recent versions of the company’s operating systems, which have not yet been released to users. In the case of these devices, they will all be synchronized with the same user of iCloud to be able to access the sites through all of them without problems.

Because this feature does not require a real password, users cannot fall victim to smear campaigns. phishing because there is no access code to the account that can be stolen by cybercriminals.

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