More than 50 Cubans arrived in the Florida Keys in just one day

People aboard a raft with an American flag painted on the side are detained by the Cuban Coast Guard. (AP Photo/Ramon Espinosa) (Ramon Espinosa/)

The phenomenon continues to repeat itself constantly. Cuban migrants do not stop arriving on the Florida coast in what has already become a migration crisis that far exceeds what happened in the 1980s with the arrival of Cubans in Mariel.

According to data provided by the United States Coast Guardits agents responded to two different sites in the Florida Keys on the day Sunday in which Cuban citizens arrived in very precarious boats. Between both sites there are 53 people who arrived in Florida.

Of the fifty that arrived, four had to be transported to an area hospital for dehydration.

Archive photo of a group of Cuban immigrants arriving on the Florida coast in a boat (EFE)
File photo of a group of Cuban immigrants arriving on the Florida coast in a boat (EFE) (EFEI0373/)

Given the constant arrival of migrants (especially from the island of Cuba from where they have been escaping the oppression of the communist dictatorship), the governor Ron DeSantis had to sign a executive order to activate the National Guard increasing the resources available in the Florida Keys (site where most of these precarious boats arrive).

The Florida Department of Police and the Florida Highway Patrol are opening emergency commands in the area of ​​the Keys to help with what many already classify as an emergency.

The border patrol of Cayo Marathon, one of the keys to which the most boats have arrived in recent months, declared that it was already collapsed last week. And the Key West police chief spoke of a national emergency.

Most of these migrants, when they touch land, are processed and are considered for political asylum. Most of those who are intercepted at sea are immediately deported.. It is not clear how many have died at sea trying to make the crossing, but the number is high. That is why all the authorities agree in advising against people jumping into the sea.

In any case, beyond the enormous number of people trying to reach the land of freedom in these precarious boats, the largest number of Cubans fleeing the island try to reach it by crossing the southern border of the United States.

The number of migrants trying to cross the border irregularly was such that the federal government decided to authorize a quota of 30 migrants per month from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela, to receive political asylum. The rest will be deported immediately.

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