Mother and daughter at war! Marysol Sosa denies being violent and responds to Anel Noreña

Marysol Sosa and Anel Noreña at war


The estrangement and serious conflicts that exist between mother and daughter, heiresses of José José, is no longer an open secret.

Marysol Sosa and his mom, Anel Norenasecond wife and universal heir to Jose joseThey are at war and the last days have been bickering between the two, making the lawsuit more media than it already was.

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The controversy flared up again when, in recent statements to the HOY program, Anel Noreña confessed the details of an attack she would have suffered from her own daughter and son-in-law. She recounted how they insulted her and how Marysol decided to give up her part of her inheritance.

What did Anel Noreña say about Marysol Sosa?

“There was a scream (in my house) where she grabbed a napkin and put ‘I renounce my inheritance’‘, and she threw it at me, and tells her husband: ‘Let’s go because this is crazy and you can’t talk to her’, it’s silly but that’s how it was, because of a comment I made to the boy and he didn’t think so and then They both jumped on me, but in a way that I thought he was going to hit me with, he came over me, ”Anel told the morning newspaper TODAY.

Marysol Sosa did not sit idly by and far from fixing the family situation, she used the same technique as her mother and responded to her publicly through a statement that she released to the press.


What is the version of the conflict of Marysol Sosa in the lawsuit with her mother?

Marysol defended herself against her mother’s accusations and denied her.

“I find it very unfortunate that she (her mother) is victimized in this way, knowing the real reasons for our distance, which come from a long time ago, and even from before I got married. The accusations are very sensitive. You know me and have had the opportunity to share with my husband and me as a family. We are not violent people, nor do we promote or applaud violence”

He continued in the statement: “I respect my mother, but I cannot allow slander and attacks of this nature towards my husband and myself. I don’t lend myself to scandals, much less based on lies. We are very different”.

Marysol Sosa and José José

José Joél’s sister also clarified the reason why she withdrew in her father’s will.

I gave up the inheritance money knowing what would complicate my life. Indeed, I am not allowed to use my father’s name and image and I prefer to continue like this, and not under impositions that compromise the dignity of my home and damage my father’s memory. I will forever be the daughter of José Rómulo Sosa Ortiz, “José José”.