Mother of a girl infested with lice refused to pay for the session

  • The treatment was done between two consultants, in the end they left the patient clean because it was their duty as a professional

Through TikTok we can find a variety of entertaining and funny videos, but cleaning up a lice infestation went viral.

After watching this video, your skull will itch, as the feeling of lice is transmitted by the viral video posted on the TikTok account @pppicas.

On the Pediculosis Spa account, he shares videos about cleaning lice and nits from people.

In the videos you can see extreme cases of the invasion of lice in patients, because dozens of “animals” come out when the brush is passed.

However, the young woman reported on TikTok through a storytime the case of the mother of a patient who did not want to pay.

The video shows the severe case of a girl who was even applied to Pinol to kill them, the young woman explains that the treatments last about an hour.

But due to the massive infestation case, the girl would have to have more than one session, however, the girl’s mother did not want a second session or it would take more than an hour and a half. The treatment was done between two consultants and when it was time to pay she said that she was not going to give a penny because they had taken a long time. In the end they left the patient clean because it was her duty as a professional.