Mother of Paolita Suárez’s attacker fears for her son’s life: “She is very toxic”

Mother of Paolita Suárez’s attacker fears for her son’s life: “She is very toxic”


The scandal in which Paolita Suárez and her fiancé or ex-fiancé José de Jesús are involved, stings and spreads. Now it is his mother, who comes to her defense and assures that “everything that is said about her son is a lie,” this after he hit her severely.

Paolita Suárez was hospitalized in a center in Guanajuato, after her boyfriend gave her a severe beating that caused her severe injuries.

Regarding this and the images of the attack that have gone viral on social networks, José de Jesús’s mother came out to publicly declare.

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Paola Suárez’s boyfriend’s mother called her ‘violent and toxic’, what did she say?

Paola Suarez


Paola Suárez left the hospital after her boyfriend’s attack. What is her state of health?

“She is very violent and toxic (Paolita), she told me that she told my son not to drink (liquor) together because it would make them sick, that it would be better for each person to drink separately. “They were very jealous.”the lady told the El Chismorreo program.

José de Jesús’s mother assured that she and her family have received threats and that is why she fears for her life.

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“She says that she wants him in jail, that she has a lot of money and that she is even capable of planting something on him so that they put him in the boat, because she says that he is better off outside than inside. The truth is, I’m afraid that they will do something to us, because I have small children.”said the mother.