Mourning in wrestling: Arturo “El Rudo” Rivera died at the age of 67

Arturo ‘El Rudo’ Rivera and the fighter Rey Mysterio during a press conference PHOTO: RODOLFO ANGULO /CUARTOSCURO.COM (Rodolfo Angulo/)

Arthur The rude Riveraa emblematic wrestling narrator in Mexicodied at the age of 67, after it was reported that He was admitted to a hospital for health complications.

Through social networks, colleagues from the sports union, as well as athletes and communicators announced the news with condolences to the chronicler’s family.

Some recalled its beginnings, supported and sheltered by the professionalism of Arturo Rivera, while others could not contain their sadness, but assured that They will never forget his company, his teachings and his great humor.

“My great compadrito Arturo Rivera has passed away. Friend and companion of a thousand battles, godfather of one of my daughters. One of the people that life gave me the joy of knowing. Loved by many people, happy, endearing!! I love you chulo compadrito !!!”, he wrote Jorge Pietrasanta in its Twitter official.

Photo: @rivera.rudo / IG.

“My children, it is difficult to express to you the deep sadness caused by the death of my dear and unforgettable friend and colleague Arturo “El Rudo” Rivera. A big hug to his family and loved ones wishing a speedy resignation. 3:15 will never be the same…”, wrote, for his part, the narrator of Baseball and NFL, Pepe Segarra.

“Rest in peace my dear Rudo Rivera. I will always thank you for having tucked me in my beginnings and the good times that with your good humor you made us spend. I embrace your children and grandchildren with love”, wrote Enrique Burak along with a photograph of his youth.

“My dear Arturo “Rudo” Rivera, less than 2 months ago we were celebrating together the triumph of Atlante and you gave me this great interview! Rest in Peace”, recalled Antonio de Valdés along with an image in which a quite lucid Rudo Rivera was observed.

Arturo Rivera was one of the greatest narrators of the pankration in Mexico Photo: @rivera.rudo / IG.

Rudo Rivera dedicated most of his life to narration, support and dissemination of the art of Lucha Libre in Mexicowhere he created immortal phrases such as “Arriba rudos, rudos, rudos and Atlante”.

He also went through football narratives, a sport in which he supported Atlante throughout his life. Thanks to that, was part of big events like the World Cups from Mexico 86, Italy 94, France 98; or various Libertadores Cups in which the Mexican teams still participated.

He was also part of various broadcasts on Televisayour house throughout your experience, as the Express Morning where shared painting with Esteban Arcewith Adriana Riveramelo, and with José Ramón San Cristóbal, better known as La Estaca.


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