Movie heist: luxury jewelry store Bulgari suffers a multi-million dollar robbery in the iconic Place Vendôme

the streets of Paris they were shaken this Saturday after a millionaire robbery in one of the most touristic areas of the famous capital. It is the luxury jewelry store bulgarilocated in the emblematic Place Vendome.

Around 1:45 p.m. in the afternoon, three individuals aboard two black motorcycles They showed up on the spot and two of them entered the premises. The remaining member of the criminal gang remained on the sidewalk, watching the surroundings.

Videos broadcast on social networks show the subject, completely dressed in black and with a helmet on his head, standing at the door of the store with a gun in his hand and next to the motorcycles, parked next to him, ready to flee.

The robbers wore long weaponswith which The security guard was hit on the head. when they entered the jewelry store. Witnesses to the robbery then testified that there were approximately ten employees and several clients inside.

In a matter of seconds, the thieves – unrecognizable and completely covered in black clothing and ski masks – made off with as much jewelry as possible and they fled.

The sequence, captured from a distance by a passerby, shows the men leaving the premises, mounting the motorcycles and fleeing in the direction of the Plaza de la Concordia. the local media le parisien added that one of the three offenders was wearing a police armband.

Although it only lasted a few few seconds and at the moment an exact figure has not been provided, the loot from the robbery is estimated at “several millions”declared sources in charge of the investigation.

Fortunately, No shots were reported at the scene and no fatalities were reported.. The security guard who had been attacked with the butt of one of the weapons was treated by medical personnel.

The Police have not been able to identify the attackers but the Banditry Suppression Brigade has already begun the pertinent investigation to find them. “An investigation has been opened for flagrante delicto of armed robbery in an organized gang”, reported the Paris Prosecutor’s Office.

This episode, however, is not the first of its kind to happen in the store. The truth is that Bulgari is as attractive to thieves as it is to the wealthy who enjoy wearing their accessories on their skin..

In September 2021, the store had already been the scene of another robbery that included jewelry for a total of 10 million euros (Twitter: @4CNewsMx)

almost two years ago, in September 2021a group of robbers entered the same store in broad daylight and armed, and fled with a loot of jewels for almost 10 million euros.

So the dynamic was a bit different. One of the gang members appeared at the entrance of the store and, posing as a customer, managed to distract the employees and managed to force the electric lock to prevent the security door from closing. His six accomplices then broke into the premises and, a few minutes later, fled.

In any case, the fate of these thieves was somewhat different since a chase broke out in the streets of Paris that ended with one of them arrested and, later, two other suspects.

(With information from AFP)

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