Municipal DIF of Villa de Reyes started the Dolphin Therapy Program 2023

The objective is to benefit 50 minors and young people with disabilities

The Municipal System for the Comprehensive Development of the Family (DIF) of Villa de Reyes began its Dolphin-assisted Neurostimulation Program in 2023.

The objective is to benefit more than 50 girls, boys and young people with disabilities, or conditions which can be: infantile cerebral palsy, attention deficit disorder, Down syndrome, Autism, to name a few.

With this type of therapy, you will improve your independence, the development of skills and the quality of life, both for children and adults who suffer from complicated health problems, especially chronic and psychological diseases.

It has been observed that the brain waves of the patients in the presence of the dolphins produce a harmonization between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, which produces a state of peace and relaxation just as it happens when doing a meditation.

The program is completely free for the minor beneficiaries, since they have a sponsor who supports them with the total cost of their therapy sessions at the Silao Dolphinarium, Guanajuato.

During this 2022, 42 patients benefited from 260 sessions of this dolphin-assisted neurostimulation program.