Music with which King Carlos III was crowned causes ridicule in networks

Soccer lovers were surprised to hear parts of the anthem during the coronation of King Carlos III

Eight months after ascending the throne after the death of Elizabeth II, Carlos III was solemnly crowned on Saturday, May 6, together with his wife Camila in a lavish ceremony, unique in Europe, that the United Kingdom had not experienced for decades.

At Westminster Abbey in central London, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby placed the crown of St Edward on the 74-year-old monarch’s head.

In the middle of the ceremony there was a solemn moment inside the venue that moved football lovers and in turn caused social networks to explode reacting to the unusual situation.

It was the exact moment in which a piece of music that global soccer fans know by heart was heard, the melodies that are also sung to sing the Champions League anthem.

The anthem God Save the King, which was played in honor of King Charles III on his coronation day, was widely booed at Anfield stadium, before the match between Liverpool and Brentford on matchday 35 of the Premier League.

Immediately after the national anthem, the song You’ll Never Walk Alone, the club’s unofficial anthem, was sung at the top of its lungs throughout the stadium.

Despite the risk of booing, the club had decided to play the anthem over its public address system, as is the case in all Premier League stadiums this weekend.