“My husband loved him very much”: Bella de la Vega revealed how her romance with Juan Antonio Edwards came about

Bella de la Vega with Juan Antonio Edwards. The actor has 60 years of experience (Photo: Instagram / @ Actressbelladelavega)

At the beginning of this year, Bella de la Vega won the antipathy and criticism of netizensThis after the actress shared on her Facebook profile a couple of photos taken next to her husband’s coffin when he died in January from pulmonary fibrosis.

The stage manager’s widow José Ángel García, father of Gael García Bernal, defended himself arguing that said action had been discussed with the actor in life, and that it remained an intimate matter of the couple, however, was described as a woman in bad taste and indolent by some sectors of the public.

Now, ten months after the bitter pill of firing whoever he says was the love of his life, heThe actress and model has decided to open the doors to love again. Bella de la Vega confirmed that she has been in relationship with the actor and stage director for a month Juan Antonio Edwards, whom she met thanks to her late husband in the recordings of As the saying goes and The rose of Guadalupe, units in which both worked in Televisa.

Bella de la Vega

“After the painful departure of my José Ángel, I fell into a deep depression and did not want to live anymore, but I had the strength to move forward and God blessed me with the arrival of a new person in my life ”, De la Vega commented to the magazine TV Notes. “It has been very present in my life and I hope that as we get to know each other something good will happen and we are people who love each other very much, there is a lot of affection “added the dancer as well.

This revelation has also raised momentum on the internet, as the first actor with more than 60 years of experience in the histrionic world He was a good friend of José Ángel, which is why the actress has been described as unfair. Bella says that after the death of her husband, Juan Antonio was very aware of her, so they grew closer to make love arise, although she continues to mourn for the remembered actor.

“I am still going through a very strong mourning for the death of José Ángel; I’m still in love, I still love him, I talk to him, with every man I know I compare him. José Ángel was like that, he was all chivalrous, tender, so it’s difficult … ”, confessed the former participant of Survivor Mexico to the program Windowing.

Bella de la Vega
Bella met Juan Antonio some time ago, when her late husband introduced them Photo: Instagram

The actress, who has triumphed in OnlyFans with sensual content -where she has revealed that she receives high income-, He confessed that he has dated other people in this time since José Ángel died, including Juan Antonio Edwards, who asked her to be his girlfriend, to which she said yes; However, the actor lives somewhat far from Mexico City, in Morelos, so he prefers to enjoy his crush. current.

“Love from afar is not given to me, I am very muégano, I like to always be with the person who loves me”, confessed the dancer.

Despite the age difference, since he is ahead of her at 23, this does not prevent Bella from ever reaching the altar with the actor who worked on the project Good news in the 90s with Roberto Gómez Bolaños Chespirito. This is how the former participant of the segment recalled I want to singr of Come the joy:

“Several years ago we agreed Televisa, in the program recordings The rose of Guadalupe and in fact, It was José Ángel who introduced us, because they were friendsAnd even my husband loved him very much, he used to say to him: ‘The boy’. At that time, there was the matter, “he said.


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