“My illness has no cure”: Adrián Varela from ‘La Academia’, positive despite bad news

Adrián Varela was one of the talents that attracted the most attention in ‘La Academia’ when Yuridia and Erasmo rose to fame, and although we did not hear from him for a long time, he returned with bad news because he was fired from his job and did not even receive settlement.

In addition, he said he was sick and that is why his dismissal affects him even more, since he needs the medical services that he had covered when he had the job. As his situation gets better, he reconnected on his social media and talked a little more about his illness, mentioning that he has a “sick heart.”

“I appreciate life, I really want to live, I was born with a defective heart, it doesn’t matter, God gave me that challenge and I face it with all the love in the world… it may be a sick heart, but happy, supportive, generous I do not harm anyone nor do I have the intention of doing so, yes, I am here to create, to serve, to add…

“It has never been my intention to offend anyone and I continue betting on the good judgment of our authorities, I want to continue believing in justice. I do not ask that they give me anything, only that the case be reviewed, nothing more,” he said about his employment situation .

“There is an important health issue involved, I cannot change because the disease that I have has no cure, it is progressive, but the years that God gives me life I will continue singing with all my being. The song already says it, I am not little gold coin,” said Adrián Varela.

“I think this life lesson that I go through is that if you are in a position to help others, you have to do it. I try to be positive, in a good mood and I don’t like to mess with anyone. I speak the truth, there they are the evidence of my work… they know that Adrián Varela whenever he has been summoned to help, I have been there”, he was honest.

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